Over 60,000 women are Guiders – you could be one too!

Many women who are adult leaders have discovered that being a Guider gives them the opportunity to play an active role in a caring environment by helping, encouraging and promoting young people today. It also allows them to use their talents, learn new skills, develop existing skills and make new friends! Guiding today means working with girls and young women – it demands time and energy, but it’s very rewarding and great fun. Guiders are volunteer leaders trained to help girls and young women to achieve their full potential. Any woman between her 18th and 65th birthdays can become a Guider, as long as she is willing and able to make the Guide Promise and undertake the necessary training. Guiding offers its leaders the chance of making a personal contribution to the future and, at the same time, of widening their own horizons and friendships. Together with the hard work and commitment there is lots of fun!

What does it take to be a Guider ?

A Guider has to enjoy working alongside girls and young women. You need energy, enthusiasm, a big heart – and an even bigger sense of humour. While being a Guide is not always easy, you do not have to be a Superwoman. Help, support and advice are always at hand. You should enjoy Guiding as much as the girls or young women you work with. A Guider also needs to have time to give. This will be primarily for the unit meeting, in most cases one evening a week, but also for planning, preparation and administration, plus occasional diary dates like District meetings and training sessions. Guiders spend alot of time building up relationships with young people – helping them with new challenges and to live their lives to the full. So getting on well with people is a very necessary talent. A good relationship with her Guider will foster a girl or young woman’s self esteem and her ability to relate to others.

How to get in touch

If you would like to become a Guider in Clwyd, please contact us via our contact form and we will pass your name onto the local district.