April 2015 County Exec Minutes


Clwyd County Exec Minutes

23rd April 2015 held at Chirk HQ

1. Welcome


Members of County exec in attendance
County Commissioner – Isabel Blore
Assistant County Commissioner – Ruth Davies
Assistant County Commissioner – Alison Williams
County President – Apologies sent
Division Commissioner Colwyn – Apologies sent
Division rep for South Denbighshire – Beth Taylor
Division Commissioner for North Denbighshire – Lynda Walmsley
Division Commissioner for East Flintshire – Chris Dwerryhouse
Division Commissioner for West Flintshire – Donna Jones
Division Commissioner for Berwyn – Alison Roberts
Treasurer – Megan Jones
Public Relations Adviser – Apologies sent
Trefoil – Brenda Trickett
Adult Support Chair – Hazel Webb
Ty-Clwyd Chairman – Judith Standring
Dyfodol-y-Ddraig – Kathryn Lovatt

Invited Guests from County team and DC’s in attendance
DC/team member from South Denbighshire Division – Laura Crowe (Growing
Guiding Champion)
DC/team member from North Denbighshire


Ann Egan, Nicola Barlow, Alice Lovegrove Jones and Wendy Malcolm

2. Reflections

I received an email yesterday which I’d like to share with you all:
Dear Isabel
I can’t believe the beautiful weather we are experiencing at the moment – just stunning – and there is a lovely evening sky over here in Pantymwyn tonight – makes you want to stop and admire the view. I do hope you have had an opportunity to enjoy some of it as well, despite your busy lifestyle.
I want to wish you and the County a great term with lots of activities, fun and laughter. Please feel free to contact me if you need anything, I might not always be in but generally access my email each day.
Enjoy the summer and I hope to see you at some of our wonderful events.
Yours in Guiding
Deputy Chief Commissioner, Girlguiding Cymru

3. Minutes from last meeting
4. Matters arising
  1. contact info for CJ – Thanks Meg
  2. DBS checks arranged/done for Ty-Clwyd volunteers
  3. Ruth – leaflets for LQ’s/mentors/commissions/leaders these are being emailed out to those who need them.
  4. Div Coms – contact info for mentors to Ruth – still awaiting some Berwyn & Colwyn
  5. Correct emails addresses needed on GO – eg Peer Ed – please can individuals check their own is correct.
  6. 1st response – units without leaders holding qualification – should be at least one leader with a valid certificate in each unit.
  7. Annual Review
    1. Date & Venue – 7.30pm.
    2. Entertainment – by South Denbighshire Division
    3. Stands/Tables available for Advisers and Divisions
    4. Long Service Awards/Qualifications- the lists of names previously given out to Divisions for confirmation were received back. Also need names of anyone else who has completed other qualifications/awards from DC’s (e.g.LQ/YL/BP/DoE/Camp
    5. Invitations – Margaret Clarkson is posing these out to guests. Invitation to leaders will be emailed out, can DC’s please ensure all members due to receive awards receive an invitation.
    6. FFF’s & Annual Reports needed
5. Treasurers Report (Meg) – report tabled

Hazel recording missing equipment

  1. County Accounts – Annual accounts presented and approved. These are with the auditor and will be ready for the County Review.
  2. Unit Bank Accounts – still a few outstanding details needed.
  3. Annual Subscription/census – There are units still outstanding. DC’s are aware and chasing payments. Thank you to all those who paid promptly.
6. Outdoor (Jane) – Report tabled:
  1. Events planned – County camp 30th Jul – 5th Aug 2016.
    25th – 27th Sep – Come & Camp Weekend
  2. DoE – 3 bronze completed, 6 registered.
    Supervisors needed. Names of people with walking qualifications requested.
  3. International – Bev Davies is the New International Adviser for Clwyd.
    Thanks have given to Catriona for doing this role for the last six years.
    No applications this year for International Selection from Clwyd.
  4. Walking – There will be a Level 1 walking training planned for Sep 2016.
  5. QG – 10 now registered as working towards QG in Clwyd.
  6. Camp
  7. Residential
  8. Sections incl: Guides, Brownies, Rainbows & The Senior Section The Rainbow Overnights at Ty-Clwyd went well, 46 rainbows in total attended over the two nights. Several of the leaders interested that attended are now looking at doing their Overnight licenses.

Ty-Clwyd (Judith) – Report tabled

  1. Ty-Clwyd Website has been updated
  2. Cleaning – New Mattresses being delivered 18th May help requested for the day.
7. Adult support & Training (Hazel)- report tabled & flyers
  1. Trainings – Flyers on website for trainings – 30th May 1st Response County Weekend Training at Broneirion is fully booked.
  2. Safe Space – 5 trainings delivered 48 have received to date – This will now just be though County training days. Reminder all those doing LQ need to do Safe Space.
  3. Risk Assessment – see flyer 10th June
  4. Commissioners Workshop – This will be on the Saturday following next exec at Ty-Clwyd. IB to send out an invite to all Commissioners.
8. PR – (report tabled)
  1. Boxes – Alice will bring box for discussion at Planning meeting regarding contents for Division boxes.
  2. Tension Banners will discuss further at next meeting when Alice as PR rep is present.
    District/Division Reps for PR team
9. Growing Guiding (Laura) report tabled
  1. Join-Us – Wendy is emailing reminders to those with girls on assigned lists for longer than 21 days. These need to be moved along the system from “Assigned” to “waiting lists”
  2. New Units – Project – Katie Ode now in place to advise with opening new units, especially in “Communities First” areas. Looking at opening new units in Caia Park. Isabel is contacting local schools, local church and other groups for support.
10. Dyfodol-y-Ddraig (Ashleigh & Kathryn) – report on email
  1. Feedback requested from Divisions as to why girls didn’t apply for the CIS event. So this can be taken into account when planning future events.
  2. Feedback requested from The Senior Section (TSS) girls re: DYD on FB & Twitter
  3. Vacancy for Clwyd on D-y-D girls interested to apply – form has been sent out and is also on Girlguiding Cymru website. There will be another vacancy next term.
  4. County Junior Council – Perhaps this can be discussed at planning meeting in June.
11. Trefoil – (Brenda) – Report tabled
12. From CHQ – Check Girlguiding Website and regular updates that are emailed out.
13. Girlguiding Cymru – Date of CCC changed to next weekend
  1. Rugby (Ruth)
  2. August 22nd National Photo Competition at Broneirion 12-7pm 3 catorgies: Animals, Transport & Landscape. Voting slips for those visiting. Best 12 for a calendar.
  3. Grand Raffle – Win a Car – Raffle Tickets for every unit
  4. Dec 14th – Winter Wonderland at Broneirion
  5. WOW – 2016 is 17th-19th June at Buillt Wells. Requests for staff
14. CC Report (Isabel)
  1. Appointments –
    West Flintshire Division Commissioner Designate – Nicola Barlow
    International Adviser – Bev Davies
  2. Correspondence & Visits
  3. Feedback sheets
15. Division Feedback – Air & Share
  1. Berwyn (Alison/Denise) – (report to follow)
  2. Colwyn (Ann) – (report to follow)LQ file for Lucy O’Hara
  3. North Denbighshire (Lynda) report tabled
  4. South Denbighshire (Beth/Lynn) – report tabled
  5. East Flintshire (Chris) report tabled
  6. Wrexham – (Barbara/Brenda) report tabled
  7. West Flintshire – (Donna) report tabled
  8. CCC – 4th October
16. A.O.B.
17. Date of next meetings

19th June 2015 at Ty-Clwyd with Commissioner Workshop on Saturday 20th
Optional overnight stay for the Friday night for those attending both.
12th October 2015 – Venue TBC