Bringing university students into guiding

Help planning a Fresher’s Fair event

Soon millions of students will be retuning or going off to university, and a very large handful of those will be going to Wrexham’s NEWI.

Students can prove a valuable part of Girlguiding, with many qualities to put into Girlguiding and to your unit, wither it be as a young leader or part of a senior section unit.

One of the most effective ways to recruiting students to your unit is by holding a stall at a university fresher fair.

If you plan to hold a stall at a university fresher fair here are some top tips for doing so.

  • Make sure your stand is bright and colourful, with interesting pictures. If you can, get a display board to go behind your table to display these on.
  • Make sure you have plenty of up-to-date literature
  • Have flyers they can take away with them with important information. or provide carrier bags of information for them to take away with gifts in them.
  • Make sure you provide them with contact information before they move away from your booth.
  • Have a mailing list on your stall. Where people interested can put down there name and contact for you to get in touch with them.
  • Have the Girlguiding Clwyd logo up on display somewhere so they know who you are with.
  • Try and bring some young leaders, guides or rangers along with you who can talk to them about what goes on.
  • Wear casual uniform, so they can see who is part of your group.
  • Smile! Be friendly and start talking to people as they past by.
  • Have a bowl of sweets or similar on your table, it will help draw in some attention.

If you do decided to put together a bag of information for them to take away check out the Project 50K resources page for up-to-date publications.

Also check out the Girlguiding shop for other things you could add into the bags like pens and small gifts.

Also available for download is the student recruitment handbook.