Talk Back – for anyone to communicate with the county commissioner (updated March 2015)

ALQ – County Process – Flowchart and Roles (updated April 2013)

Girlguiding Clwyd Constitution 2009

Girlguiding Awards – How to nominate someone and details about the awards (updated April 2016)

Girlguiding Clwyd Annual Review Process and Notes

Girlguiding charitable status – An explanation of the charitable status of Girlguiding units

Girlguiding bank accounts – Rules for Girlguiding bank accounts and help for opening a bank account

Responsibilities as Girlguiding and Charity trustees – Details of responsibilities as a Girlguiding trustee

Responsibilities as a trustee for girlguiding property-assests-funds – Details of responsibilities as a trustee for Girlguiding property, assets and funds

Responsibilities for girlguiding accounts – Details of responsibilities when handling Girlguiding money and keeping Girlguiding accounts



Internet search engine – the white box county search engine to raise funds for the Ty Clwyd extension

County Gift aid form – for people donation to the county to gift aid their donation

Sponsorship and Gift Aid form – a standard sponsorship form with gif aid details.

ARK recycling. Flyer 1 & Flyer 2


Bursaries, Grants & Expenses

List of bursaries, grants and expenses available from county (updated February 2017)

Girlguiding Clwyd Bursaries Flyer (updated February 2017)

BP adventure – to apply for the county BP adventure bursary

International travel – To apply for the international travel bursary

GOLD – To apply for the GOLD bursary

Mini Bus – Form to claim a bursary towards Mini Bus training.

Ida price bursary – to apply for the County ida price training bursary

County Expenses Policy – Details for how to claim expenses from the County (updated February 2017)

County expenses claim – to claim expenses from the county treasurer
– form if you have received a float in advance (updated March 2015)
– form if you have not received a float in advance (updated March 2015)

Travel expenses claim form (updated March 2014)

Event Financial Risk assessment – To help consider the financial risk when running an event

County Financial Risk assessment (updated March 2015)

Peer Educator T-Shirt – Form for Peer Educators to apply for a T-Shirt (updated February 2017)


Residential Forms

Girlguiding Clwyd Residential Forms and Qualifications – DC’s notes : Notes to help DC’s when leaders are taking girls away with and without needing assessment

Girlguiding Clwyd Residential Forms and Qualifications – Leader’s notes : Notes to help leaders who are working towards residential qualifications

Notes re new forms for events and activities (updated 2014)

Description of the administrative processes (updated 2014)

Flowchart of the administrative processes (updated 2014)

Guiding forms for events and activities FAQs (updated 2014)

Residential event notification form – to be completed when planning a residential event to in form your Commissioner of your plans and seek her approval (updated 2014)

Information and consent for event/activity form – to gain parental permission for any under 18’s to attend an event, activity or residential (updated 2014)

Health information form – to gather health information of participants at residential events (updated 2014)

Health information for international travel form – an alternative health form for international travel only  (updated 2014)