Our Vision: to have sufficient volunteer leaders to enable every girl and young woman to have the opportunity to join Girlguiding.

In the UK there are 50,000 girls waiting to join Girlguiding, but we do not have enough leaders or units for them to join.

Go Guiding!

Girlguiding offers its leaders a life outside the home, an enjoyable pastime after a stressful day at work, space to do their own thing their way and develop skills at their own pace, opportunities for international travel and to gain recognised qualifications that would look good on any CV. The list is endless but above all comes fun and friendship.

If we were paid staff we would have:

  • A boss watching over us, having to do things their way.
  • To reach targets and levels of excellence and be regularly assessed.
  • Loads of paperwork!!
  • Set holidays and wouldn’t be able to take time off whenever we needed to.

Volunteering of adults aged 18 – 65 is open to all:

  • No interviews, just an informal meeting – you will be required to provide two referees and complete a Criminal Records Bureau application.
  • No qualifications needed, training for the recognised adult leadership qualification is done on the job. We work together in teams and support each other in work and play, help is never far away when needed.
  • Patience, understanding of the age range and a sense of humour help.
  • It pays in ways you would never imagine. Give a little, get a lot. It’s an enjoyable pastime not an unpaid job – the reward: to see the difference you will make to the lives of the girls and young women you work with and the difference working with them will make to you.

Take up the “12 Hour Challenge” and see for yourself. All we ask is for 12 hours of your time, whenever you can give it, to find out just what we do, how we do it, who we do it for and just how much fun it can be.

Visit www.Girlguiding.org.uk to find out more.

To volunteer you can: