Girlguiding Clwyd is a member of Girlguiding Cymru that has its headquarters at Broneirion in Powys, 14 Welsh Counties make up Girlguiding Cymru. The Girlguiding County of Clwyd is divided into 7 divisions which are then sub divided into 18 districts overall.

Each district is composed of

  • Rainbow Guide Units (girls aged 4 – 7)
  • Brownie Guide Units (girls aged 7 – 11)
  • Guide Units (girls aged 11 – 14+)
  • Senior Section Units (girls aged 14 – 26)
  • Teams of Adult Leaders who run Units
  • A district Team who support Adult Leaders
  • Members of the Trefoil Guild who support and encourage us in our work

Girlguiding Cymru remains the largest uniformed youth organisation in Wales. In Girlguiding Clwyd we have over 3,000 members.


Girlguiding UK HQ has worked towards developing our mission statement:

‘Girlguiding UK, as part of a worldwide Movement, enables girls and young women to fulfil their potential to take an active and responsible role in society through a distinctive, stimulating and enjoyable programme of activities delivered by trained VOLUNTEER leaders’.

Along with its ‘Vision’

‘To have sufficient leaders to enable every girl and young woman to have the opportunity to join Girlguiding UK’.


Girlguiding Clwyd has agreed to work towards meeting those aims over the next 5 years and will endeavour to :

  • Provide flexible training and support to its members
  • Provide effective communication across the county
  • Find extra financial support
  • Build on and expand the use of Ty Clwyd (our county house near Abergele)
  • Tell everyone about Girlguiding

The County Team provides advice, support and training to its Adult Leaders, so that its members can undertake adventures, have fun and enjoy friendship in safety. We work constructively as a team and welcome the views and suggestions of all members.