January 2017 County Exec Minutes



County Commissioner – Isabel Blore
Assistant County Commissioner – Alison Williams
East Flintshire Division Commissioner – Chris Dwerryhouse
South Denbighshire Division Commissioner – Beth Taylor
West Flintshire Division Commissioner – Nicola Barlow
Berwyn Division Commissioner – Cath Moore
Wrexham Assistant Division Commissioner – Brenda Lewis
North Denbighshire Assistant Division Commissioner – Emily Webster
Membership Support & Training – Hazel Webb
Growing & Promoting Guiding Chairman – Alice Lovegrove
Ty Clwyd Chairman – Judith Standring
Clwyd Trefoil Chairman – Merle Cook
Clwyd Junior Council rep – Alice Cleave
Clwyd Junior Council rep – Lauren Kerr

Assistant County Commissioner – Ruth Davies
Treasurer – Megan Jones
Colwyn Division Commissioner – Serena Boughen
North Denbighshire Division Commissioner – Lynda Walmsley
Wrexham Division Commissioner – Barbara Jones
Outdoor Activities Adviser – Jane Bevan
Dyfodol y Ddraig rep – Anna Preece

2. Reflections:
3. Serious Incident Reporting – nothing to report
4. Minutes from last meeting held on 29th November 2016 – agreed
5. Matters arising –
  1. County Transition Events:
    A taste of Senior Section event for Guides aged 13 + – please see Junior Council Report plans are in hand. The Junior Council have asked if this can be after their exam period. If Ty-Clwyd booked, we will look at using the Gladstone Centre.
  2. A taste of Guides for brownies aged 9 + possibly the same weekend as above.
  3. Rainbows 30th Birthday Celebration – very few entries received for Badge design. Provisionally afternoon of 18th March awaiting confirmation Castell Alyn High School as venue.
  4. Leaders Event/s – Cath feedback for an event at “The Boardroom” Their strapline is: “Any age, any phobia” Cost:1-6 persons for £60, food available.
    Not available on Thursdays. Alison Williams offered to assist Cath to organize. The event will just be for adults. Looking at booking a weekday evening early in May. Maybe a Wednesday.
  5. Data Cleansing – Most Divisions seem to have made a start at this – work in progress. Please remind unit leaders that data cleansing needs to be at unit level too. Correct names, addresses, contact details (email & phone). Any adults with missing service to individual records this needs to be added. Let Isabel know. Any records girls or volunteers with two registration numbers these need to be merged – please email CHQ as they will merge the records. membershipsystems@girlguiding.org.uk
  6. Communion – Changes within the Church in Wales to regard to those eligible to receive Communion. Some units attend family services which include Communion – Isabel emailed the Bishop the reply will be cascaded with the minutes. Website for more information: link to the documents that have been circulated to all the mission areas and hope that they provide you with more information and the context in which these changes have been introduced: http://www.churchinwales.org.uk/faith/believe/admission-toholy-communion-pastoral-letter/
6. Annual Review
  1. Long Service Awards: Division reports of those due Long Service Awards between March 2016 & April 2017 given out. Please contact Isabel if anyone thinks they are due an award but aren’t on the list. They may have missing service that needs to be added to their record on GO!
  2. Items for Annual Report: Isabel needs the names and registration numbers of those who have completed any Girlguiding licenses within the last year. (Preferably by email) Also, awards including Challenge Awards. YL, LQ, Going Away modules, BP, DoE, Chief Guide Challenge, Commonwealth Award, Camp permits, Queen’s Guide, NVQ’s gained though Girlguiding Cymru …there are numerous other awards not on this list especially relating to the Outdoors.
  3. Reports are also needed from members of exec for the annual report please.
7. From CHQ:
  • “Meeting in a Box” suggestion for use in units when leader unable to attend and someone comes in to run the meeting for a night.
  • Guidelines for closing a unit/preventing the closure of a unit/opening a new unit now on GG website. Reminder at CCC that units don’t “belong” to the leader running the group. If anyone finds they can no longer commit to running their unit: at the earliest opportunity, they should inform their local Clwyd commissioner/s who will then inform CC. Relevant District/Division and County will then draw up a plan to recruit new leaders for the unit.
  • Minority units discussed at CCC it was felt that none of the Welsh Counties have large numbers of minority groups requiring their own units. Units in Wales will continue to welcome members of minority groups to join existing units though the Join-Us database.
  • A phone app for Girlguiding is proposed (Scouting already has an app)
  • Proposed recognizable qualification/s for members to obtain though Girlguiding hat can transfer to the workplace. E.g. – NVQ’s.
  • The number of members within the UK is shown to be declining approximately 1,500 fewer members over the last six months. From 65,000 to 63,500.
    Though GO! Girlguiding is able to track overall number of members at each level. We need to be looking at retention as well as recruitment. This is partly why it’s important that when transferring sections girls, the girls registration numbers are used. If a second number is generated it reports that the girl has left guiding. Can leaders please check that none of their brownies/guides/senior section members or adults have been members previously – even if for a short time. If anyone is found to have two or more registration numbers, these need to be merged please.
8. From CCC & GG Cymru
  1. Planning:
    • Maximum capacity for all units to be inputted ideally by unit leaders as they know best the size of their meeting place and usual number of adults (for ratios) each week. DC’s can then see where the gaps are and girls on the waiting list can be offered places at other units.
    • Adults on Join-Us – we need to push through the system to enable their DBS checks to be carried out and move them though to GO!
    • Waiting to transfer lists – many units aren’t using these. If Rainbow Leaders are made key-users of the Brownie unit/s their girls “feed” into the Brownie Leaders can then contact these girls and plan how many they can invite from their “waiting to join” list. Likewise for Brownie Leaders to be Key users for the Guide units their brownies move into etc. Girls who are already members have priority over
      those new to Guiding. Once the system is updated it is planned that these two lists will merge.
    • DC responsibilities: Can DC’s please look at their role description? Role descriptions are on the new website.
    • Fast track trainings for LQ’s please look out for these e.g.- those who are accountants/run their own business etc. may already have covered keeping accounts. Some will have 1st Aid qualifications…
    • When needing new leaders/opening new units try taster meetings for mothers and daughters for those on waiting to join lists. Perhaps invite ladies working on LQ to speak to the mums? Caroline Harries to write a “step-by-step” suggestion list/guide.
    • Look at needs within the district are recruitment taster events needed for girls and/or adults/leaders?
    • Exit interviews for those who leave – both adults and parents of girls.
    • Holiday units/meetings for those on extensive waiting lists.
    • Look outside the box: meetings don’t have to be on weekday evenings if the potential leaders can only do weekends or fortnightly even monthly meetings? Perhaps some would prefer a 4-6 hr meeting once a month to an hour or two each week?
    • Parent Rotas
    • Look at asking ex-leaders to help or trefoil/senior section members etc.
  2. Retention:
    • Use registration numbers when transferring sections
    • Be flexible about age of transfer
    • Guide leader visiting Brownie unit with a guide/s – perhaps those who have recently transferred up? Brownie leader visiting Rainbow unit & Senior Section Leader visiting Guide unit…
    • Hold transition week/fortnight/month for girl to visit next section for a taster?
    • New volunteers perhaps spend 4-6 weeks visiting different units within the district before deciding where they would like to volunteer?
    • Proposal for next year YL and Young Adult Leader Training (for those aged under 20)
  3. Counties Joining together for trainings etc. – e.g. 1st Response trainings if neighbouring counties have places unfilled. Especially for the smaller counties.
  4. Vacancies for Girlguiding Cymru:
    • President
    • Queen’s Guide Adviser
    • Walking Adviser
    • DoE Adviser
    • Dyfodol reps in some counties – if girls miss 3 meetings then their place is forfeited for another member to be given the opportunity.
    • Growth and Retention Adviser
    • Mentor Co-ordinator
    • Trefoil Chair
  5. Pushing Boundaries/Archives/Bringing History to Life
    These projects have all developed from starting to organize the archives at Broneirion. Invitations are being sent out for “Young Roots” Award ceremony for those receiving awards.

    • Heritage Lottery Fund has generated six digitizing projects (two of which are in Clwyd). i-beacons are being used for these projects.
  6. Dates for CCC’s:
    • 12th March
    • 15th July
    • 30th September
    • 12-14th January 2018
  7. Training Needs:
    • Identify possible new trainers – we are in need of more trainers in GGCymru (& Clwyd)
    • Information for potential trainers under “Learning and Development” on website
  8. Matters Arising from Minutes of last meeting
    • Promise Run
    • Annual subscriptions:
      • £1/girl to be used towards an extra activity at each event.
      • £500 for each of the 10 events to be provided by GGCymru this year.
    • £1,000 received from Science Grant decision taken to buy a telescope.
    • County Strategic Plans due to be seen mid-March
    • Code of Conduct: – Warrants have been revoked from a few leaders following comments on social media. Please take care to abide by Code of Conduct when in public – this includes social media.
    • Quality Pilot – a few units still to sign up following email to take part. There are a few spare places if any more units are interested. A slimline version for a small district (less than 10units) within Wales
      to be identified to take part.
    • Ensure Risk Assessments are seen by DC’s before signing REN forms. Security and possibility of a break-in should be included. Programme Plan for the event too.
    • If using outside providers for any activity – please check with GGC that the provider is on the approved list.
    • Council members needed please see GGUK website.
    • Trustees also needed by GGUK – Formal interview process.
    • GGC Nights Away badges are selling well.
  9. Lots of events planned by GGC see website for fliers and more details:
    • Peer Ed trainings
    • Dyfodol-y-Ddraig events
    • Deeside Dragons – over subscribed
    • Bringing History to life – full
    • NVYO 21st-23rd Feb – almost full
    • Inform Dyfodol of County Events – they can help
    • Young Roots Presentation
    • April 7th-9th Walking Training – (A few attending from Clwyd)
    • May 13th & 14th – Rainbow & Brownie Fundays at Broneirion
    • 26th-29th – Traditional camp for Guides & Brownies aged 9+
    • June 10th & 11th – Brownie & Rainbow Fundays at Ty-Clwyd
    • July 7th-9th – Sports Camp at Ty-Clwyd
    • International Selection – Leaders needed
      New International Adviser in place – selection less gruelling.
    • 14th–16th Peer Ed Weekend
    • Royal Welsh
    • Sep 1st-3rd – NVYO with L & Young LQ training
    • Oct 13th-15th – Senior Section Permit Training
    • 27th-29th – Sports Educators 14+ part 1&2
    • Nov 24th-26th – BP Adventures

      2018 – Suggestions – TBC

    • Jan 26th-29th – Out with the old and in with the new
    • Feb 10th – Guide Badge Days at 5 locations
    • 15th-18th – NVTO 11-18yr olds
    • March 2nd-4th – Patrol Leaders & Seconds events
    • 16th-18th Sports weekend
    • May 11th-13th – Sixer & Seconder Weekend – 5 locations
    • WOW Camp

      2019– Suggestions – TBC

    • Aug – GGC – Girl Conference – workshops etc.
    • Oct 19th-22nd – Dragons Den meets the apprentice – TSS 17-18yr olds/school leavers.
      • Looking for companies offering apprenticeships to take part
    • Physical Literacy for Leaders


    • International Camp in Wales
9. CC Report (Isabel)
  1. Appointments:
    Allington District Commissioner Designate: Beryl Blackmore
    Maelor District Commissioner Designate: Charlotte Hughes
    Mold District Commissioner Designate: Caroline Jones
    Development Co-ordinator: Hazel Webb

    Nomination Forms have been emailed out for:
    Colwyn DC, Hawarden DC, Llangollen DC & Yale DC.

  2. Correspondence & Visits:
    • Visit on 7th December to 3rd Old Colwyn Brownies to present Katie Dutta with her Queen’s Guide Award.
    • New website design as suggested by Stephanie Poortman. This had previously been emailed out. All present agreed it would be a vast improvement to the present County Website. To make this “work” we will be dependent on up to date information and photos being sent to Steph for the website. Laura Crowe has received very few photos for use within County to promote Guiding.
    • Email from Bishop as detailed above
    • DBS Updates – Those last done 9yrs ago now completed.
      Commencing updates for those last DBS’d 5yrs ago – Reports of those
      outstanding given to Division Commissioners present.
  3. Feedback sheets – none received
10. Treasurers Report (Meg) (Full Report Tabled)
  1. Meg has offered in her report to write an expenditure policy for County. The Charity Commission states that we should have an expenditure policy. This would formalise things and make it clearer for those of us not business minded about the correct procedure. All present agreed this would be beneficial for the County.
  2. Please remind leaders and Commissioners to check their unit/level subscription invoices and to pay promptly.
  3. Please remind leaders/commissioners to send outstanding unit bank account details to Meg.
  4. Date of next Finance meeting:
    Tuesday 14th March 2017, 7.30 – Beaufort in Mold.
  5. There has been large expenditure for work carried out at Ty-Clwyd.
    £1,363.20 – External doors for leaders’ rooms
    £8,982.00 – Replace facia boards, guttering and downpipes
    £7,500.00 – Replace windows
    £4,882.80 – Replace flooring in showers
    £800.00 – Remove/replace partitions in showers
    £13,363.20 has been paid by Ty Clwyd, £4,482.00 has been paid by County and £5,882.80 is due to be paid by County.

    As the quotes for the work above and which quote to accept have not been discussed in a Ty Clwyd or Exec meeting and minuted, please can these 5 items and amounts be agreed and included in the minutes for this meeting as accepted by the trustees. The Trustees are answerable to the membership and the Charity Commission on the use of funds and so it needs to be fully documented. There was general approval of expenditure in the November exec minutes – but not the specifics.

11. Ty-Clwyd (Judith) (Report tabled)
  1. Approval of quotes in retrospect:
    As requested in Treasurer report each of the expenditures above were proposed and seconded. All present were agreement.

    • £1,363.20 – External doors for leaders’ rooms
      Proposer: Chris Dwerryhouse, Seconded by Beth Taylor
    • £8,982.00 – Replace facia boards, guttering and downpipes
      Proposer: Cath Moore, Seconded by Emily Webster
    • £7,500.00 – Replace windows
      Proposer: Alison Williams, Seconded by Alice Lovegrove-Jones
    • £4,882.80 – Replace flooring in showers
      Proposer: Nicola Barlow, Seconded by Brenda Lewis
    • £800.00 – Remove/replace partitions in showers
      Proposer: Merle Cook, Seconded by Cath Moore
      Those (Judith and Hazel) who had seen the all completed work which has been done during January were able to report to the exec that Ty-Clwyd is looking good after it’s makeover.
  2. One of the payments had been due for payment immediately on completion of the work. Given that we are a charity and work needs to be inspected/seen following completion and for two signatories to then view the invoice and sign the cheque as an organization we had been unable to pay immediately. The monies had been transferred to the current account in preparation for payment once the work had been done and invoice received by the treasurer. During discussion, it was raised by members present that the usual time scale for payment of an invoice for work completed would be expected to be 30 days. With hindsight, perhaps a deposit for the materials should have been requested prior to the start of work and then the 30 days’ notice for completion of payment once the work had been completed. It is apparent that a lack of communication has resulted in contractors being commissioned for work without the county following procedure of gaining three quotes prior to work being done but is hoped that with the implementation of an expenditure policy this will not be the case for future work and may also help to address some of the communication issues experienced during the recent works at Ty Clwyd.
    The companies used for the work would; in all probability, have been used as the work was: –

    1. specialist (i.e. wet room flooring) very few companies do this work and the had company previously been used to repair the disabled wet room flooring to a high standard.
    2. For other work the company used had done similar work again to a high standard at the home of a Committee member and was highly recommended. However as we didn’t have an expenditure policy in place for the key members of the committee to follow, a set procedure the need for three quotes wasn’t recognised. Given the difficulties as outlined above there have been some negative comments made between members of the committee via email. We are all busy people both those of us who work and those who are retired from paid employment. Everyone’s time is precious and should be valued as such. A suggestion was made by a Division Commissioner that given the breakdown in communication between some individuals perhaps the time had been come for the role of Ty Clwyd Treasurer to revert back to being separate to that of County Treasurer. To avoid further upset and hurt feelings between any of the committee members those present thought this was probably the path to be take.
12. Outdoor (Jane)
13. Adult support & Training – (Hazel)
  • 18th Feb – 1st Response
  • 6th May – LQ training – Holywell
  • 25th March – County Training Day
  • Senior Section Leaders Training
  • Safe Space Trainings to follow
14. G.A.P. Team (PR) – (Alice) – see report
  • Filming skills needed – please let Alice know of anyone with these skills.
15. Dyfodol-y-Ddraig (Anna & Sian)
16. Clwyd Junior Council

At their last meeting the girls decided they would like to be known as Little Dragons. They also discussed a plan for the proposed Guide to Senior Section Transition event. It was thought by TSS members present that the weekend of 6th May could be difficult as in their exam period. Isabel will explore alternative dates/venues for them to discuss at their next meeting.

Next meeting for Senior Section Members only 28th March Broughton Primary School. alicecleave@gmail.com
6.45 – 8.30pm

17. Trefoil (Merle) – Report tabled
18. Division Feedback – Air & Share
  1. Berwyn (Cath) –
    Rainbow overnight
    Division Get together planned
  2. Colwyn (Serena/Ann)
  3. North Denbighshire (Lynda/Emily) – report –
  4. South Denbighshire (Beth)
  5. East Flintshire (Chris)
  6. Wrexham – (Barbara/Brenda)
  7. West Flintshire – (Nicola)
19. A.O.B.
20. Date of next meetings:
  • County Exec – Thursday 16th March 2017 – venue TBC – ? Ruthin
  • 6th May – Visit to Ty-Clwyd by Chief Commissioner and team to meet with Commissioners.
  • County Annual Review – Wednesday 17th May
    Wrexham Memorial Hall. (By the Baths & Law Courts)
    Everyone welcome to come & celebrate Achievements gained (during 2016) by members of Girlguiding Clwyd.
  • Friday Summer 2017 (with County Planning)
    All District Commissioners & Members of Division teams invited to join with County Teams planning events etc for the next 12-18mths.