November 2016 County Exec Minutes

Clwyd County Exec Minutes – 29th November 2016

1. Welcome and Apologies

County Commissioner – Isabel Blore
Assistant County Commissioner – Ruth Davies
Assistant County Commissioner – Alison Williams
East Flintshire Division Commissioner – Chris Dwerryhouse
South Denbighshire Division Commissioner – Beth Taylor
Berwyn Division Commissioner – Cath Moore
Wrexham Assistant Division Commissioner – Brenda Lewis
North Denbighshire Division Commissioner – Emily Webster
Membership Support & Training – Hazel Webb
Ty Clwyd Chairman – Judith Standring
Clwyd Trefoil Chairman – Merle Cook
Dyfodol y Ddraig rep – Anna Preece
Peer Educator Adviser – Emma Lloyd-Jones

Treasurer – Megan Jones
Wrexham Division Commissioner – Barbara Jones
East Flintshire Division Commissioner  – Nicola Barlow
Growing & Promoting Guiding Chairman – Alice Lovegrove
Outdoor Activities Adviser – Jane Bevan

No representative present from Colwyn Division

2. Reflections:

Look to this day!
For it is life, the very life of life.
In its busy course
Lie all the virtues and realities of your existence:
The bliss of growth,
The glory of action,
The splendour of achievement.
For yesterday is but a dream,
Tomorrow is only a vision,
But today well lived makes yesterday a dream of happiness
And every tomorrow a vision of hope.
Look well therefore to this day:
Such id the salutation of the dawn.
3rd Century Indian

 3. Serious Incident Reporting

Wrexham Division: – A Brownie attended A&E having injured herself at Wrexham HQ while at a unit badge day during half term. Incident form completed & sent to CHQ.

4. October Minutes

Emily asked that minutes be amended for her to representing North not South Denbighshire. All else agreed from last meeting held on 3rd October 2016

5. Matters arising
  1. Annual Review:
    Brenda confirmed some of the details for Girlguiding Clwyd’s 2017 Annual Review. The Memorial Hall in Wrexham is booked. Close to the baths, large carpark but those attending will need to ensure they check payment details before leaving their car. It was agreed the format last year went well and we’d follow the same format. Opening, speakers, refreshments then awards. If Wrexham as the hosting division can supply refreshments of tea/coffee/soft drinks with cake & biscuits. County will pay for the hire of the hall and arrange speakers.
  2. County “Fundays”
    as suggested at the County Planning Meeting held in June.

    1. Rainbows 30th Birthday Celebration:
      • Given that Girlguiding Cymru (GGC) are going to be hosting a 30th Birthday event at Ty-Clwyd. It was agreed that the County event should be held in the South of County earlier during the year then some units may like to offer both events to their girls. The events (Wales & County) will be quite different from each other.
      • It had also been suggested that a Challenge badge is produced by county for rainbows to complete.
      • Ideas of challenges needed, based around the Rainbow Programme please. Ideas to Isabel please.
      • We also need more volunteers to help organize this event. Looking at a date in March.
    2. Fun event for Leaders.
      • A session at The Boardroom – Climbing Centre was suggested during the County weekend at Broneirion.
      • Cath Moore offered to find out information as her son is a member.
      • We need someone will arrange, book, collect names & payments please.
    3. Brownie & Guide Transition Days (A Taste of next section)
      • To be held at Ty-Clwyd early summer/late spring.
      • Still need more volunteers for T & F groups please!
      • Outline plans: – for Guides (13+) & who would like to help with the Brownie Taster Session to arrive Friday evening these girls can then (if they wish) camp for both nights.
      • The activities for the Brownies (9+) on the Saturday will be based on Go for it Guides from the Brownie Adventure Program perhaps including a wide game.
      • Brownies (9+) are welcome to attend for the day & not stay if they prefer.
      • Both Brownies and Guides will have the option to camp on the Saturday night. Help will be available for brownies & their leaders needing assistance with their tents.
      • The Brownie Leaders may like to stay with their girls on the Sunday and organize their own unit activities or join up with other Brownie units attending if they don’t wish to leave after striking camp.
      • Perhaps a campfire for those present on the Saturday evening?
      • The Sunday will be Guides “taste of Senior Section” Day. Some units/guides may prefer to attend for the day and not camp.
      • The Junior Council have been asked to help plan for this, basing the day on activities from those Guide File about Senior Section. We need to let the guides know about all the wonderful opportunities Senior Section can give them…it’s so much more than attending weekly meetings! Perhaps a Peer Ed session? International opportunities….
      • Will also ask some of our advisers to attend: – QG/International/DoE/Dyfodol/Junior Council & BP to discuss with the girls who wish to compete before they can transfer.
      • The Guides of course can camp on the Saturday night too.
      • Senior Section members involved with running the activities are welcome to camp both nights.
      • We will need a few leaders with camping qualifications please for our T&F group for this weekend.
    4. Badge options during the weekend:
      • County seasonal camp badge -Spring Quadrant?
      • Brownie Camper
      • Guide Camper
      • Nights will count towards next GGC “Going Away with Guiding”
6. Treasurers Report (Meg) (Reports Tabled)
  1. Missing bank accounts – please can these be followed up locally and the information sent to Meg. It was queried why the missing bank account information was requested so frequently. Explanation given that the information about bank accounts was needed as new units are opened.
    NB: If any unit/level changes and/or opens a new bank account this information should be sent to Meg too. As should changes of signatory on accounts.
7. Outdoor (Jane):
8. Ty-Clwyd (Judith) report tabled:
  1. Judith explained that Ty-Clwyd was now of an age when a certain amount of maintenance was needed. Although some important jobs have already been completed this year; the ditches have been cleared, the land levelled and reseeded, oil tank replaced (it was old and no longer met safety standards). Dormitories have new cushion flooring; replacement outside doors are being fitted on the leaders’ rooms. During January, the new flooring in all toilets and shower rooms is scheduled. The windows no longer meet current safety regulations, and the fascia’s and gutters are in needing to be replaced. Some repairs to the roof are also needed. An application for a small (£5,000) Lottery grant for the windows has been submitted. In total, costs are expected to be £20 – 25,000. The committee was asked if County would be willing to pay for some of these necessary repairs to our County House to prevent further decay. As Ty-Clwyd is going to be “closed” during January while the repairs and replacement flooring work is being done. It was agreed by those present that it would be sensible to have both sets of work (flooring and windows/fascia’s) completed at the same time. To save the house having to be closed twice resulting in further expense (cleaning) and loss of income. Beth proposed that we should go ahead with the work required as in the Ty-Clwyd report using Ty Clwyd funds, the Lottery grant if granted, then County covering the excess as and when needed. Chris Dwerryhouse seconded the proposal. All those present in agreement.
  2. On a happier note £50 has been deducted from the bill following the problems with the new oil tank.
  3. The Wayleave payment from Scottish Power for wires etc that run over Ty Clwyd land.  Scottish Power want a new agreement to amend where the wires poles etc are, so the payment to us may change. Last time Judith signed the form as Chair of Ty Clwyd sent by Scottish Power: then received an e mail from headquarters which said she couldn’t sign it as signatory needed to be a trustee.  Judith is on the Charities commission website as a trustee, so no sure she can’t sign it? Members of the exec were asked for suggestions of who should sign the new form proposal for Meg to sign agreed by those present.
  4. Activity Trail.  Has been inspected and needs a little work doing to it.  At Ty-Clwyd meeting it was suggested that it perhaps ought not be used at present.  Gwynfor is onto most of the repairs.  Since Ty-Clwyd meeting the technical adviser from GHQ has been out to see it and says it can be used with care.  The work still needs doing and Gwynfor is going ensure it is dome. He was also very impressed with Ty-Clwyd.
  5. Ruth has agreed to design and distribute a flyer to help increase membership of the 123 club.
9. Adult support & Training (Hazel)
  1. A World of Possibilities: October Training Weekend at Broneirion. Although those that attended enjoyed the training it was felt that the afternoon of the Saturday couldn’t be regarded as “training” although those that took part in the activities enjoyed them, there was little that could take back to their units. The ice-breakers on the Friday night were good as were the sectional trainings Saturday morning. Everyone had enjoyed “international” activities Helen had prepared for the Saturday evening. The Sunday morning sessions were informative and again had content for the unit. A few of those present stated they hasn’t applied to attend (although they would have liked to do so) because of the reduced numbers allowed; they felt the newer leaders needing the section trainings would benefit more from the weekend then themselves.
  2. Future Trainings 2017 Flyers to follow:
    • 1st Aid in Rhyl – St. John’s trainers
    • 25th March – County training day – Rhyl – Spring into Acton
    • Training specially for LiT ladies. 6th May in Holywell
    • Suggestion for a Senior Section Leader Training Day in the Spring Many of TSS unit leaders within Clwyd haven’t completed Module 1 of LQ for TSS. A training can be arranged but if insufficient uptake it would have to be cancelled as we’d need to arrange for an out of county trainer. Can those who’d like to attend please send in their forms promptly when the flyer comes out.
    • Please let Hazel know if you have any other suggestions for trainings.
    • Reminder that mentors should be from another unit ideally same section.
    • Safe Space trainings where are they needed? A weekday daytime training also suggested.
10. A.P. Team (PR) – (Alice) (Report Tabled)

Reps from some divisions still needed please.

11. Dyfodol-y-Ddraig (Anna & Sian)
  1. The first meeting of the “new” Clwyd Junior Council has been held.
  2. Next meeting in January
  3. Senior Section badge – good work – & for attending 3 junior council meetings
  4. Name needed – suggestion/s needed from Junior Council meetings
  5. Monopoly run in Cardiff was good
  6. Encourage Senior Section members to attend next meeting
  7. Vacancy available for Dyfodol. There are two Senior Section members from Clwyd (different divisions) whom Isabel had been informed that they were applying. Beth Bradley (Dyfodol Chair for GGC) has been contacted about these applications but says she hasn’t received them. Can the two girls please resubmit/with copy of previous application and/or date of application please. Please cc Isabel into email. There are also others that have expressed an interest. Apply via GGC, members selected from applications received by Dyfodol.
  8. Trying to contact previous members of Dyfodol – names & contact info needed please.
  9. Bounce Below was well attended and enjoyed by those who went.
  10. Members of the Junior Council are willing to help at units
12. Trefoil – (Merle) report tabled
  1. Starter pack has been taken to St Asaph Brownies
13. From CHQ
  1. New Guiding Magazine – most members on GO should have received this.
  2. Changes to The Senior Section – Main change is lowering of age to 18. The change is not immediate will take 18mths-2yrs approx. Discussion took place regarding the lowering of the upper age limit back to 18yrs. Isabel explained that the vast majority of Senior Section members aged 18 + are also with units as UH/Leaders. It was suggested that they could join or set up more Trefoil groups however they would then need to register as Trefoil members and pay the annual Trefoil subscription. Isabel suggesting that current older members form Friends of Guiding Groups (FOG) to continue to meet as 18+ but separately from the Senior Section Group/s. They would still then be recoded on GO as FoG members & available to help with events, fundraising etc
  3. New Programme – More Adventure…less craft. Again, this is not immediately but will be rolled out over the next two-three years.
    Will be 6 areas to follow though from Rainbows to Senior Section – work in progress. All Interest Badges are being checked to link-in with the different sections. Top awards for the girls to work towards in each section. Please read your Guiding magazine/see website for more details. Ensure your correct email address I on GO to be kept informed about updates.
  4. Changes are going to be implemented regarding 1st This is more of an attendance certificate as no one is formally assessed of their knowledge. Future plans involve a partnership with St. John’s – more information will follow as this develops.
  5. Our new Chef Guide and her Deputy share a vision is for all girl members to have the opportunity to progress though the sections. Ideally at the same venue on the same evening.
  6. Data Cleansing in preparation for System Upgrade next Summer: Please remember we have been asked to ensure all records are correct on GO. Data cleansing is in progress. If you find girls (or volunteers) have 2 separate records on GO please email name, DOB & reg numbers to CHQ & request for them to be merged. Can Brownie leaders please check with girls if they have been rainbows and Guide leaders if their girls have been in brownies and/or rainbows? This will save problems that may arise in the future for that individual. Missing Service qualifications need to be added. If service outside of area this can be added though County GO. Some non-guiding qualifications can be added though County GO too. E.g. – DoE, RYA etc
14. Girlguiding Cymru
  1. Strategic Plan – All members should have seen and be aware of the Girlguiding Cymru Strategic Plan – Postcards with a summarized version where given out to the Division Commissioners present to distribute within their areas.
    1. Adult Support & Leadership – Please see the PowerPoint of Janet’s report
    2. Youth
      • We need to retain girls especially at transition points – changing sections. Link up with other sections/feeder units in your district
      • Lots of activities available for the coming year. Watch for flyers
    3. Out of Doors & International
      • Need for more leaders with Outdoor Qualifications – only 2 in Wales with Level 2 walking qualification! If you have adults with qualifications, please do ask them to let me know and their qualifications can be added to their record on GO.
      • Changes relating to International opportunities have previously been cascaded.
    4. Fundays for Rainbows (Claire Evans) & Brownies (Chris Dwerryhouse). Events to be held at Broneirion, in the North & South too.
    5. DEESIDE DRAGONS ICE HOCKEY EXTRAVAGANZA Girlguiding Cymru are hosting an action packed day with the Deeside Dragons for Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Senior Section Members on Sunday, 12th February 2017 at Deeside Leisure Centre, Chester Road W, Queensferry CH5 1SA. This is within our County so do come along and have a go at ice-skating at the Dragons home ice rink and take part in fun activities off the ice including: dancing, floor ball and arts and crafts. The day will also include watching the local figure skating club take to the ice before watching a Dragons home match with the face off at 5.30pm. Cost is £15 per person. Closing date for bookings: 16th January 2017
    6. BRINGING HISTORY TO LIFE Sunday, 19th February to Tuesday, 21st February 2017 (Half-Term) at Broneirion, Llandinam. Grant Funded for Senior Section Members aged 16-25 and for Girlguiding Cymru Members aged over 25 there is an accommodation cost of £50. No previous computer skills required although a basic knowledge would be a bonus. There is also an option for participants over the age of 16 to complete an NVQ Level 2 in ‘Digitising materials for museums, libraries and archives’.
    7. MEDICAL SCIENCE AND ASSEMBLY AMBASSADORS Tuesday, 21st February to Thursday, 23rd February 2017 at Broneirion, Llandinam for Guides and Senior Section Members aged 11 – 16 years. Hands on with Medical and Sports Science technology, first aid and learn about different careers available. Also the Assembly will be joining us again with their amazing Assembly Ambassador Workshops, plus information and activities on Qualifications through Girlguiding. £20 per person (This event is subsidised by NVYO Grant Funding). Any places booked and not attended will incur an additional charge of £40. Closing date for bookings: 31st January 2017.
    8. BOULDERS SLEEPOVER Dyfodol y Ddraig will host a Sleepover at Boulders Climbing Centre, Cardiff on 4th-5th February 2017. The event is open to Guides aged 13+ and Senior Section members aged 14 – 25. Participants will have an hour and a half Wall Climbing sessions, take part in Dyfodol workshops and activities. With options for: evening activities, an evening meal and breakfast.   All for £20 per person! Closing date for bookings: 16th January 2017
  2. Vacancies within Girlguiding Cymru
    Please encourage anyone who know with the skills required for these roles to apply or ask for more information.
  3. Quality Standards:
    Following on from last years successful pilot introducing Quality Standard marks for units completing the scheme. The scheme last year was paper-based this time it’s computer based. We have a further six units in Clwyd who have offered to take part. These are:
    1st Marchwiel Guides, 1st Wepre Guides, 1st Kinnerton Brownies, 1st Colwyn Bay Brownies, 1st Acton Rainbows and 1st Rhosllanerchrug Rainbows.
15. CC Report (Isabel)

Following on from the GGCymru Strategic Plan we now need to complete our own for Clwyd. This will have the GGCymru plan as its base. The main objectives for 2017 have been identified and cascaded.

  1. Appointments & Resignations
    1. Lucy Edwards Yale DC has resigned due to other commitments. Nomination forms have been sent out from CC.
    2. New Mold & Moel Fammau DC – TBC
    3. New Maelor DC – TBC
    4. New Rhyl DC – TBC
    5. Allington DC – CC meeting with District next Monday
  2. Correspondence & Visits
    IB has attended:

    1. The Police Commissioner Workshop at St Asaph
    2. AM training at Colwyn Bay – They are willing to come out to groups, meet groups visiting Cardiff at the Senedd; where arrangements can be made to meet your AM. Please also remember we have Senior Section members within Clwyd that have completed the AM training. They are trained to deliver the training to units and explain about how the Welsh Assembly works; how we can have our “say in voicing our views” to help to shape the future of Wales.
    3. County Commissioner Conference at Stansted
    4. Email from Mark Isherwood: – his “90 second speech” at The Senedd about Girlguiding and its positive influence. Mark is an Ambassador for Girlguiding Clwyd as well as being one of our AM’s.
  3. Feedback sheets
    1. Church in Wales queries relating to communion – IB will be emailing our Bishop for clarification, having spoken to Rev. Paulette Gower.
  4. Peer Ed Update (Emma Lloyd-Jones)
    • New lead volunteer – Chq Mhairi
    • Peer Educators will remain as 14-25yrs with new programme
    • GGC looking to provide reserve boxes for Peer Ed’s
    • Meetings at County level for Peer Ed’s to meet
    • Grant form for £7 when girls start, then log onto Survey Monkey to log next training & further. Funds for next session.
    • Peer Educators need to record sessions and promote the fantastic work they are doing vis fb twitter etc (consent from the unit leaders for photos) tag gg cymru
    • Discussion took place re-travel & other expenses for the Peer Educators. Emma to make bags up of essential supplies for each of our 12 Peer Ed’s. County to fund one bag for each Peer Ed.
    • 4 topics at present & new 5th to start next year. Peer Ed’s only to train on topics they have been trained to do.
    • Training to be held 4th-5th Feb at Ty-Clwyd.
    • Basic Training at Broneirion in July. New booking system in place. Any one not now on current list can attend basic training.
    • 3 sessions for T-shirt & pin badge.
    • Then other badges & maybe a hoodie at Welsh level.
    • Encourage girls to tweet photos etc when doing sessions.
    • County Peer Ed FB page.
    • Report from Wales to see number of sessions have done.
16. Division Feedback – Air & Share – Reports received tabled
  1. Berwyn (Cath)
  2. Colwyn (Serena/Ann) LQ file for Lucy O’Hara
  3. North Denbighshire (Lynda/Emily)
  4. Emily has been selected to take part in a GOLD project.
  5. South Denbighshire (Beth)
  6. East Flintshire (Chris)
  7. Wrexham – (Barbara/Brenda)
  8. West Flintshire – (Nicola)
17. A.O.B.
18. Dates of next meetings:

County Exec – Wednesday 25th Jan  2017 (Cymau Community Centre)

County Exec – Thursday April 2017 – TBC

County Annual Review – Wednesday 17th May – Venue Memorial Hall, Wrexham.
– Everyone welcome to come & celebrate Achievements gained including Long Service Awards (between April 2016 & April 2017) by members of Girlguiding Clwyd.

County Exec with County Planning – Friday June/July 2017 at Ty-Clwyd TBC
– All District Commissioners & Members of Division teams invited to join with County Teams planning events etc for the next 12-18mths.