June 2016 County Exec Minutes


2. Reflections
3. Serious Incident Reporting – (new agenda item)

Girlguiding Cymru  have introduced a new form to be used to report serious incidents via CC’s to Wales.

4. Minutes from last meeting held on 21st April 2016 – Approved
5. Matters arising –
  1. Annual Review 2016 – West Flintshire – Tuesday 10th May – Thanks given to the team from West Flintshire for organizing this event. Especially to Nicola Barlow and Ruth Davies. The revised format received positive feedback from all concerned and it will be used again. Next year falls to Wrexham Division to book a venue and organize refreshments.
  2. DBS checks – update – Still a few outstanding but the majority of those pending are now progressing though the system. Occasionally phones calls are needing to be made to CHQ to push though those that seem to be “stuck” in the system even though Certificates have been issued etc. Alison is able to answer most queries that may arise.
6. Treasurers Report (Meg)
  1. Awards & payment – Following discussion around who pays for various awards for mainly The Senior Section members; e.g. Commonwealth, QG, Chief Guide Challenge and BP Awards. At present BP Awards especially seem to involve more paperwork than needed. To be discussed at next Finance meeting in September. Any other awards that may need adding to the list to be brought to the Finance meeting.
7. Outdoor (Jane) –
  1. May 2016 weekend –report/feedback good.
  2. County camp 30th Jul – 5th Aug 2016 – Flyer cascaded & on County website –
  3. International – no report
  4. QG – Kathryn Lovatt has completed her award. To be presented at WOW camp
  5. DoE
    1. Assessor courses can be run if we are able to find people with the necessary qualifications to partake. Can names of anyone willing to do DoE assessing/supervising please be passed to Jacqueline Duffield. Without these people in place there is little we can do as a County to run DoE trainings etc for expedition without joining up with other groups.
  6. Peer Educators – no report
  7. G15 – Sports Educators – no news at this point on future training
  8. Sections including BP – Beryl’s term as BP co-ordinator has ended, just awaiting confirmation from potential new co-ordinator.
8. Senior Section Centenary – (Alison R)

Berwyn Senior Section are holding a “Tea-Dance” on 1st October all members aged 14 – 26 are invited to attend. Invitations to follow.

9. Ty-Clwyd (Judith)

Myfanwy’s Guides have asked to use Ty-Clwyd campfire circle for a campfire in her memory during September. Open invitation to any members who may like to attend.

10. Adult support & Training (Hazel)
  1. Broneirion weekend in 21st-23rd October – few places available
  2. Safe Space training – Wrexham – request from mentor meeting
11. G.A.P. Team (PR) – (Alice)

Laura needs photos – email list of photographers
Denbigh & Flint 19th August – group of volunteers to litter pick
Freshers Fair – Glyndwr – is anyone able to attend to enable us to have a stall this year? Names to Alice please. Next meeting: 20th September meeting

  1. Forthcoming events
  2. Growing Guiding – no report
  3. Join-Us – no report
12. Dyfodol-y-Ddraig (Anna & Sian)
13. Trefoil – (Brenda)
14. From CHQ –
  1. New Chief Guide – Valerie Le Vailliant
  2. Guiding Magazine going termly
  3. New Starting Forms incl. Gift Aid update from HMRC
15. Girlguiding Cymru
  1. WOW – 2016 17th-19th June at Buillt Wells.
  2. WATER & WELLIES 2016 AT YNYSGAIN – 7th to 12th August 2016
  3. OLYMPIC CAMP AT BRONEIRION – 15th to 19th August 2016
  4. Replies from queries:
    1. Planning Permissions for PODS – Don’t know if we have had planning permission for PODS will ask Simon, Viv seemed to think if they were on concrete and had electricity they would need planning permission.
    2. Eisteddfod – With the National Eisteddfod we are only going this year as a one off because the Local Authority has invited us to join them on their stand for 2/3 days for free.   Previously, we used to go but stopped due to the high costs of stands, this was a decision made during Catherine Brookers time when Lesley was a County Commissioner. With regards to the URDD, again cost is the issue here. But if we get offered a freebie would go!
16. CC Report (Isabel)
  1. Appointments
  2. Correspondence & Visits
    Visits made chasing up the two extremely late annual subscription payments. Please remind all units that these are due just after 22nd Feb each year. It is the unit leader’s responsibility to ensure these are paid on time. One of these units GO records were also very out of date. Again ensuring these are maintained so all girls are recorded on GO is the unit leaders responsibility. Can Commissioners please occasionally check that these are being kept updated?
  3. Feedback sheets – Positive feedback following annual review
17. Division Feedback – Air & Share – reports tabled
  1. Berwyn (Alison/Denise)
  2. Colwyn (Serena)
  3. North Denbighshire (Lynda/Emily) – need new verifier for LQ’s
  4. South Denbighshire (Beth)
  5. East Flintshire (Chris)
  6. Wrexham – (Barbara/Brenda)
  7. West Flintshire – (Nicola)
18. A.O.B.
19. Date of next meetings:
  • Monday 3rd October 2016 (Wrexham HQ)
  • Tuesday 22nd November 2016
  • Wednesday Jan/Feb 2017 (Cymau Community Centre)
  • Thursday April 2017
  • County Annual Review – Wednesday 17th May – TBC (Wrexham)
    Everyone welcome to come & celebrate Achievements gained
    (between March 2016 & March 2017) by members of Girlguiding Clwyd.
  • Friday June/July 2017 (Ty-Clwyd with County Planning)
    All District Commissioners  & Members of Division teams welcome to join with County Teams planning events etc for the next 12-18mths.

The meeting finished in time for County Planning for 2017/18 to take place. The ideas suggested will be brought to the next County Exec in September.