April 2016 County Exec Minutes

Clwyd County Exec Agenda – 21st April 2016

1. Welcome and Apologies:

Isabel Blore – County Commissioner
Ruth Davies – Assistant County Commissioner (North)
Alison Williams – Assistant County Commissioner (South)
Christine Dwerryhouse – East Flintshire Division Commissioner
Beth Taylor – North Denbighshire Commissioner
Barbara Jones – Wrexham Division Commissioner
Nicola Barlow – West Flintshire Division Commissioner
Denise Morris – Berwyn Assistant Division Commissioner
Emily Webster – Prestatyn District Commissioner
Megan Jones – Treasurer
Hazel Webb – Adult Support Co-ordinator
Jane Bevan – Outdoor Activities Adviser
Alice Lovegrove-Jones – GaP Co-ordinator
Brenda Trickett – Trefoil

Lynda Walmsley – South Denbighshire Commissioner
Alison Roberts – Berwyn Division Commissioner & TSS Centenary Champion,
Judith Standring – Ty-Clwyd Chairman
Serena Broughton – Colwyn Division

2. Reflections
3. Minutes from last meeting held on 3rd Feb 2016
4. Matters arising –
  1. Annual Review 2016 – West Flintshire – Tuesday 10th May 7pm start, to be held at St Peters Church, Rose Hill. Holywell.
    There is a carpark opposite Lidl encourage car-sharing.
    Invites will be sent out soon. All members and supporters welcome. Can DC’s please ensure that all those not on email are aware too.
  2. YL Standardisation – (Ruth) – In progress – to be in-line with LQ standardization. It is also suggested that those Senior Section girls working with units who may have completed their YLQ or don’t wish to do so; may prefer to work towards the Senior Section Leadership Octant and/or other Octants maybe then going on to achieving their Chief Guide Challenge Award. It is accepted that not all may wish to do their LQ especially at a time when they have exam pressures to think about or may just prefer to come along and help as a unit leader. The octants are there if they would prefer to do these and then consider doing their LQ when older.
  3. Ty-Clwyd 123 club – (Beth) – Forms will be available at Annual Review
  4. DBS re-checks – (Alison).
    • Local police check stage can take up 60 days – usually much quicker than this but if planning to attend a residential event they need to have cleared before the event starts. Allow up to 12 weeks to clear.
    • New volunteers need to have a DBS check completed with the first 4 months of starting to help with a unit. After this time, if they haven’t had a DBS check they will need to be asked not to attend until cleared.
    • Those needing rechecks have 4 months to have these carried out before they become active-pending on GO!
    • We have 18 ID verifiers in County anyone of these can run a DBS check for those needing. Please do ask Alison Williams if anyone is having difficulty in finding a suitable time to meet up with their local verifier. Alison will either do herself or suggest another verifier that may able to help.
    • There are 61 members/volunteers in county whose DBS’ expire on the 5th August. There are also 14 who either need a first DBS or whose DBS has expired – these ladies can’t be left at their units alone unless there is another member present with an in date DBS. Neither can they attend residential events. We need to work together to ensure these are all carried out before August.
5. Treasurers Report (Meg) – reports tabled
  1. From Finance meeting
    • Discussion took place regarding Peer Educators T-shirts. These are £10 each. County currently paid for the sweatshirts for our Dyfodol Reps it was agreed at exec that the Peer Ed’s should also have their T-shirts paid for. Meg going to check how many sessions the Peer Ed girls need to run before they are eligible to wear/have a T-Shirt.
    • If anyone needs assistance with applying/claiming Gift Aid please do contact Ann Jackson for help and advice. All units should be looking to claim. Can Mentors please encourage LQ’s doing mod 4 to consider doing Gift Aid for their unit if this isn’t already being claimed.
    • It has been suggested that as County already pay for some awards i.e. LQ, Long service and Queen’s Guide. Perhaps we ought to look at covering the cost of some of the other restricted badges. E.g. BP, YL, Chief Guide Challenge. Could suggestions please be sent to Meg of any we may have missed in time for this to be discussed at the next County Finance Meeting in September.
    • Annual subscriptions 94.9% of the payments from units and other levels in Clwyd had cleared within the time allocated. Meaning we have received the first instalment of our County allocated funds from subscriptions. Thank you to all those units who paid promptly. We still have 2 units outstanding; the Chief Commissioner for Girlguiding Cymru will be contacting the unit leaders for payment. Hopefully the payments are already in the post! There is also one unit whose District has paid over them can this unit please ensure they refund this loan ASAP.
  2. Missing Account details – updated list of units who need to send bank account details including list of signatories to Meg. Please check & send the information required if your unit is on the list. Any units/districts/divisions etc that change banks and/or signatories also need to send their new information.
  3. Adoption of Accounts for 2015. These were presented; Jane proposed their adoption & Beth seconded this. All others present in agreement.
6. Outdoor (Jane) –
  1. Flyers for May BH weekend of 29th April – 2nd May have been cascaded & are also on county website.
    • We have 3 booked in to do the level 1 walking qualification we need a minimum of 3 more to run this training. Please consider doing this you will learn mapping skills etc to pass onto your girls. This qualification isn’t just for guide leaders. It covers walking in areas suitable for Rainbows and Brownies too.
    • Remind your 14-26yr olds that it is also the:
      “Spectacular Senior Section Centenary Outdoor Weekend”
    • County Cookout – why not bring some of your girls to join those already booked in.
    • Camp Blanket Weekend
    • Going Away Workshop – recommended for all leaders considering doing a residential or camp qualification.
    • We also have barns to clean after the winter and equipment to be checked etc – even if you can only spare a few hours your help would be appreciated.
  2. County camp 30th Jul – 5th Aug 2016 – Please can we have your bookings/registration of interest ASAP.
    Flyer has been cascaded & is on County website too.
  3. International – Several girls attended the Clwyd County Selection Weekend.
  4. QG – We now have 8 members working towards QGA.
    Kathryn Lovatt having completed awaiting presentation.
  5. DoE – We need more people with suitable qualifications to help teach the girls the skills needed, assess and verify. Please do contact either Jane or Jacqueline if you know of anyone with these skills that may be able to help.
  6. Peer Educators – We currently have 9 girls registered as Peer Educators. They are able to visit and do a session with brownie and guide units.
  7. G15 – Sports Educators – We have 3 Sports Educators in County, these girls are trained in Physical Literacy and are able to visit units including rainbows for a session.
  8. BP –
7. Senior Section Centenary – (Alison R)
  1. Please see County Website for events planned. Permission requested to open up the Senior Section Weekend to other Senior Section Members in Wales. This was approved by all at exec.
8. Ty-Clwyd –

Most of the maintainance work has been completed – awaiting better weather for the last outdoor work of the outdoor work to be completed.

9. Adult support & Training (Hazel) – flyers cascaded.
  1. County Training day on 12th March in Gwersyllt postive feedback received from those who attended. Thank you to Hazel for co-ordinating.
    • A question arose during the training concerning martial arts. Nothing in Guiding Manual regarding these. Alison W. asked CHQ for clarification; their reply “yes provided not on GGG prohibited list”
  2. Broneirion weekend in 21st-23rd October – new booking system for Broneirion! Flyers will be cascaded out in the morning.
  3. 1st response courses – 15 places 7 booked 15th May – this has been cascaded.
  4. Looking for venues for 1st Aid at a reasonable day cost suggestions to Hazel please.
10. G.A.P. Team (PR) – (Alice) report also tabled.
  1. 15th March initial meeting of new team. Laura has agreed to co-ordinate and store photos for use as needed at events and for website from across county. Please can leaders sending in photos please ensure that those on the photo sent have full photo permission recorded on GO. Next meeting Monday 23rd May Beauforte Park 7.30pm. If we could have at least one rep from each division please.
  2. Growing Guiding
  3. Join-Us – at present we have:
    Assigned – 67 girls & 9 volunteers
    Waiting response – 91 girls & 11 volunteers
    On waiting List – 565 girls (345 of which are old enough to become members, if units don’t have places available please transfer enquiry to next choice)
    Meeting arranged – 100 girls & 18 volunteers
    Awaiting DBS clearance – 30 volunteers
11. Dyfodol-y-Ddraig (Anna & Sian)
12. Trefoil – (Brenda) – extracts from report tabled

Sadly 3 more members of the Trefoil Guild have died. Margaret Atkins of Mold, Myfanwy Higgins from Rhyl and Eileen Salisbury from Wrexham.

We now have 109 members in Clwyd 52 of whom are over 75 years of age. Alyn and Deeside Guild closed at the end of 2015 which means that we now have 6 in County…

Ty Clwyd has been booked for our Annual Picnic on Wednesday 15th June from 11 am until 3 pm when the new County Chairman will be announced as I finish my term of office after 5 years. May I take this opportunity of thanking not only Trefoil members but my many Guiding friends for their support during my appointment which I have thoroughly enjoyed.

Brenda has been presented with the High Sheriff award at Conwy during March a well deserved award.

13. From CHQ –

Join-Us: We are pleased to announce that from the 27 April 2016 Enquirers will be able to login to manage their enquiry to join Girlguiding.

Any enquiry made after 27 April will be provided with the link to login and manage their record. Any enquiry made before 27 April will be notified in June allowing a staggered roll out to all 100,000+ enquirers.

The login means that enquirers are able to change their contact information and/or preferred unit or ask a question about their enquiry once every 21 days. The level’s main contact will receive a notification email if a question has been raised.

If you have any questions, please contact your County Join Us Coordinator or email membershipsystems@girlguiding.org.uk.

14. Girlguiding Cymru
  1. WOW – 2016 17th-19th June at Buillt Wells. Bookings still open
  2. WATER & WELLIES 2016 AT YNYSGAIN – 7th to 12th August 2016
  3. OLYMPIC CAMP AT BRONEIRION – 15th to 19th August 2016
  4. Add query re-URDD – Alice & Ruth have suggested
  5. From CCC on 9th April
    • Patrons Lunch – Breconshire had at the previous CCC been picked to attend the Patrons Lunch for the Queens 90th Birthday in the Mall on Sunday, 12th June 2016. Their plans are progressing well.
    • Subscriptions 2016 – The Chief Commissioner thanked everyone for the work they had carried out to encourage units to pay their subscriptions on time. 88% of units paid enabling Girlguiding Cymru HQ to receive the first tranch of money. Units with payments outstanding was discussed and it was agreed that Rachael Clutton-Haines would extract details of outstanding payments from the subscriptions site and letters would be sent from the Chief Commissioner.
    • Growing Guiding – Girlguiding Cymru will continue to employ Sian Harvey in her role as Project Officer for Growing Guiding.
    • Nights Away Badges – Initial badges have been ordered for 1, 2, 5, 10 and 15 nights away and will be launched towards the end of May 2016 with boxes available to purchase for sale in County Shops. Money raised will be for the benefit of the girls.
    • Royal Welsh Show – Volunteers to attend the Royal Welsh Show from across Wales have been received.
    • WOW 2016 – Concerns were raised as bookings received to date have not reached optimum numbers, County Commissioners were asked to encourage units to book. The meeting was asked to consider if this event was what the membership wants and a review will be carried out following the event. Feedback please to Isabel.
    • National Library of Wales “Pushing Boundaries” Exhibition – Opening Ceremony takes place on Saturday, 23rd April 2016 commencing at 2.30pm. All County Commissioners had been invited with RSVP direct to the National Library. The exhibition will be open until 3rd September 2016 and the meeting was asked to encourage members to attend. During the exhibition three guest speakers have been programmed: “Adventures in Wales and the World” by Tori James on 10th May 2016; Girlguiding Cymru, Pushing Boundaries by Helen Murdoch on 15th June 2016 and Girlguiding Cymru, creating opportunities for global citizenship by Dr Jill Venus on 17th August 2016.
    • Commissioners Training – An overnight training for all level Commissioners and Advisers provisionally booked for 23rd-24th April 2016 was discussed and it was agreed that a day training would be held on 16th April 2016.
    • Safe Space – The meeting was reminded that the Girlguiding guidelines state that the 3 hour Safe Space training is only recommended for Leaders in Training … E-learning module is available for qualified Leaders to complete.
    • An update on events, projects and activities was distributed with the following discussed:
    • Young Roots Digitisation Project: GGC have been awarded grant funding for a 12 month pilot to bring digital skills, archiving and history alive in 6 units across Wales with the assistance from the People’s Collection Wales, National Monuments and National Library and will build on the success of the archives project and forthcoming exhibition.
    • Brownie Sleepover at the National Library: A unique opportunity for Brownies to Sleepover at the National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth on 2nd-3rd September 2016 – Limited places available.
    • Activity area: As part of the Sports Wales grant there are capital funds to provide enhanced sports and activities at Broneirion. A flat area below the car park has been created to provide a fenced safe multi activity area. The meeting discussed what activities they would like with the following being suggested: Climbing wall, crate stacking, all weather sports pitch, Aeroball, swimming pool and hot tub.
    • Brownie House & Grounds Development: Facilities in the Brownie House have been upgraded following funding from Bernard Sunley, Wolfson and Friends. Further development of the Brownie House area was discussed to make a more effective ‘pack holiday’. Pods in the grounds near the Brownie House were discussed and all agreed that this would be attractive to Brownies and above. After some discussion the County Commissioners felt they would like to use some of the money from the Car Raffle to buy one of the Pods. A question about planning permission for Pods was raised this will be passed back to Wales.
    • Camps: A number of camps organized by GGC being held are week long and not over weekends. Camp licences were discussed and concluded that there must be members in counties over the age of 65 (i.e. retired) with camp licences to bring the girls to these. It was recommended that only one week long camp per year be held with the remainder being weekend camps.
    • Targeted PR and Recruitment Events: GGC will have a presence at the Spring Festival (RWAS), Royal Welsh Show, National Eisteddfod and have been asked to attend Pride Cymru in Cardiff. Judith Latham to discuss attendance and activities at Pride to match the Scouts. A question about participation at the URDD Eisteddfod was raised this too will be passed to Wales.
    • Developing Peer and Sports Educators: County Commissioners were asked to continue to promote Peer and Sports Educators and not forgetting the girls attending G15 are also Assembly Ambassadors. Rachael Clutton-Haines produce a flyer to promote.
    • Senior Section Spectacular: A GGC Finale is currently in the planning stages for promotion in May and details of the Cardiff Monopoly were discussed during the meeting.
      Janet Pierce to investigate Llechwedd/Electric Mountain.
    • Rainbows 30 years (2017): Task & Finish Group to be set up to start forward planning and 1 GGC large event was suggested over 3 locations (North, South & Mid) along with county events. ACTION: Rachael Clutton-Haines to advertise for Task & Finish Group.
    • Leadership through Guiding: A successful first stage application had been submitted to the Big Lottery Fund with a proposal to develop a professional training programme with Cardiff Metropolitan University to improve management and leadership skills throughout guiding from Commissioner to Young Leaders and provide an accredited pathway for formal qualifications for those that would like it. A pilot has been requested for 20 participants from a cross section of the organisation. An advert for expressions of interest will be included on the website. The pilot will include a weekend away and a day at Cardiff Metropolitan University. A Mentor will also be allocated and will result in a Level 4 in Leadership and Management. The cost for accreditation would be £400 and would require commitment from the participant. Following discussion it was suggested that ESF funding being investigated for sustainability following the grant if successful. Participants could also approach local Trefoil Guilds for funding. Judith Latham offered overnight accommodation at Cae Glas for participants with long distances to travel to Cardiff Metropolitan University (except on a Friday). It was also agreed that a simplistic form also be investigated. Chief Commissioner to investigate simplistic form. Rachael Clutton-Haines to advertise on the website for participants for the pilot.

Other prospective ideas discussed included:

  • Ice Hockey Trials: A similar event to the Ospreys day between September 2016 and April 2017 for Guides and Senior Section to be investigated for Cardiff Ice Arena and Queensferry, Deeside.
  • Kwik Cricket: To explore an opportunity for Guides and Senior Section Members to participate in 2017 International Cricket global event and earn the Give-it-a-go Cricket Badge.
  • Escape from the Castle: Task & Finish Group to look at an event for Brownies in a castle with crystal maze type activities to include sports – all agreed in principle
    ACTION: Caroline Harries to take forwards
  • Winter Challenge: “Extreme Chill” A Snowdonia based activity adventure to include caving to gorge walking, coasteering to climbing including a range of winter sports.
    ACTION: Jayne Hancock to investigate as an option to replace Chillfest.

Chief Commissioners Update

  • The Chief Commissioner had received correspondence with regard to weddings being held at Broneirion and Guiding Events. The meeting discussed the matter. All agreed that no other activities should run alongside a wedding and it was suggested that they be time controlled such as once a month.
  • Evaluation of the Win a Car Draw was distributed prior to the meeting and was reported that there was a £15k profit following refunds to all units. A discussion followed by a vote on where this money should be allocated and it was agreed that £3.5k would be allocated to the Wales Open Gold DofE Expedition, fund the Leadership Qualification pilot and purchase a Pod for the Brownie House and grounds development. ALL AGREED

Task and Finish Groups
Various Task & Finish Groups and Steering Groups are being looked at and expression of interest sought:

  • Shop: to look at the Broneirion Shop as it is currently not working to its full potential. (6 month timescale)
  • Digitising Steering Group: Part of the Young Roots Digitising Project (12 month timescale with 3 to 4 meetings)
  • Rainbow 30 Years: To look at events and activities (12 month timescale)
  • Brownie Events: To look at Escape from a Castle (12 month timescale)
    • ACTION: Rachael Clutton-Haines to advertise for expressions of interest on the website for all

Serious Incident Reporting

Copies of the Girlguiding Serious Incident Reporting Grid were distributed. This will be on the agenda for all future meetings with the opportunity for disclosure of any issues with regard to risk at the commencement of meetings.

Jayne Hancock reminded the meeting that when counties go out of Wales for weekends/trainings then REN forms must be completed and emailed to the Girlguiding Cymru Office. District and Divisions complete REN forms and send to county. All international events also need to complete REN forms.

Jayne Hancock requested that County Commissioners notify her regarding county international trips and jamborees etc. International camps in the UK are wonderful opportunities and learning experiences for all girls that participate and the meeting was asked to promote and enthuse participants to attend to gain experience such as Charnwood in 2016; Poacher in 2017 and Norjam in 2018.

Ann Ashworth, Chair of Friends joined the meeting and explained that County Commissioners had been made Honorary Members of Friends for their term of appointment and distributed copies of their newsletter. Friends have also agreed to purchase a Pod for the Brownie House development rather than contributing to a sensory garden.

Vivienne Grant updated the meeting on the activities of the Trefoil Guild which is open to members aged 18 upwards. The Voyage Award is available at three levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold with further details available on the website.

The Chief Commissioner asked the meeting if they would like an AGM as well as the Joint Annual Meeting with the Board of Trustees and all confirmed that if the AGM was not a necessary requirement then it was not required.

15. CC Report (Isabel)
  1. Appointments – Helen Partington DC Holywell
  2. Correspondence & Visits
    • Letter received from Mrs May Alderson with thanks for Birthday Card and County Thanks Badge and her resignation as BP & QG recorder for Flintshire. She explained that her eyesight wasn’t so good as it had been. She’s enjoyed being a member since she joined Guides in 1927 and now having reached 100 perhaps it was time to step down.
    • Letter also received from Stroma Davies detailing the guides from Wrexham & Berwyn Divisions that have achieved BP Awards during 2015
    • Invitations received to AGM’s from Caernarvonshire, Anglesey and Montgomeryshire.
    • Invitation to the Trefoil Picnic received.
  3. Feedback sheets – none received.
  4. Long Service Awards – 24 due 5yr awards, 6 due 10yr awards, 5 due 20yr awards, 4 due 30yr awards and 2 due 40yr awards. These will be presented at our Annual Review.
  5. Please Commissioners/Verifiers send me names & units of those who have completed qualifications & awards. I.e.: LQ, YLQ, Going Away Modules, BP, Chief Guide Challenge, Commonwealth Award and DoE. Girls with DoE qualifications can have these recorded on their GO records.
16. Division Feedback – Air & Share
  1. Berwyn (Alison/Denise)
  2. Colwyn (Serena) LQ file for Lucy O’Hara
  3. North Denbighshire (Lynda/Emily) report tabled
  4. South Denbighshire (Beth) – report tabled
    Request for help on 29th May for NEWCIS charity at the Duke of Westminster’s – please contact Beth if you are able to assist.
  5. East Flintshire (Chris) report tabled
  6. Wrexham – (Barbara) report tabled
  7. West Flintshire – (Nicola) report tabled
17. A.O.B.
  1. Senior Section weekend camp opening up to Wales
  2. Girls Rugby – Jane going to make enquiries about an event.
  3. If any Commissioners have requests for the Commissioner Workshop to be held on Saturday 4th June can you please send in these suggestions before 14th May.
18. Date of next meetings:

– Friday 3rd June 2016 at Ty-Clwyd – County Planning night
Reminder this meeting is open to all Commissioners, members of both County and Division Teams.

Booking Form/s to follow, for the Friday night and for those intending to stay for the Commissioner Workshop the following day.

Apologies in advance: Alison W & Beth