October 2015 County Exec Minutes

Clwyd Exec Minutes – 11th October 2015

1. Present

Isabel Blore – County Commissioner
Ruth Davies – Assistant County Commissioner
Christine Dwerryhouse – East Flintshire Division Commissioner
Nicola Barlow – West Flintshire Division Commissioner
Serena Broughton – Colwyn Acting Division Commissioner
Brenda Lewis – Wrexham Assistant Commissioner
Beth Taylor – North Denbighshire Commissioner
Emily Webster (Prestatyn DC) representing South Denbighshire Division
Chris Hunt (Rhyl DC) – representing South Denbighshire Division
Meg Jones – Treasurer
Jane Bevan – Outdoor Activities Adviser
Hazel Webb – Adult Support Co-ordinator & Representing Ty-Clwyd
Brenda Trickett – Trefoil
Anna Preece – Dyfodol-y-Ddraig


Alison Williams – Assistant County Commissioner
Denise Morris & Alison Roberts – Berwyn Division Commissioner & Assistant
Barbara Jones – Wrexham Division Commissioner
Lynda Walmsley – South Denbighshire Commissioner
Ann Egan – Colwyn Division Commissioner
Alice Lovegrove-Jones – PR
Judith Standring – Ty-Clwyd Chairman
Wendy Malcolm – Join-us Co-ordinator

2. Homily:

It is the practise at the first Executive Committee meeting during the Autumn term to remind members of their role as members of the Committee.

The Committee is primarily responsible for matters of policy, strategic planning and finance. In fact the future of Girlguiding Clwyd is in it’s hands.

The voting members of the Executive Committee are the Charity Trustees of Girlguiding Clwyd. The responsibilities of Charity Trustees are detailed in the booklet “The Essential Trustee” published by the Charity Commission which each member should read.

Although members of the Executive Committee, both ex-officio and elected, come from their own Divisions and Districts, they are not deemed to be representing these areas but must represent the best interest of Girlguiding Clwyd as a whole and all decisions are taken from this point of view. Any member who wishes to contribute to a discussion should ensure that she or he does so, then all views may be considered before a decision is taken. However, once a decision is made, each and every member must give it their full support.

 Expectations of Trustees

What is expected of the Trustees of Girlguiding Clwyd?

  • To act only in the best interest of the charity
  • To be involved in major decisions and to take decisions jointly with other Trustees.

The Role of a Trustee of Girlguiding Clwyd

To hold the charity “in trust” for it’s current and future members by:-

  • Ensuring that Girlguiding Clwyd has a clear vision, mission and strategic direction and is focused on achieving those.
  • Being responsible for the performance of Girlguiding Clwyd and for its reputation.
  • Ensuring that Girlguiding Clwyd complies with all legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Act as a guardian of Girlguiding Clwyd’s assets, both tangible and intangible, taking all due care over the security, deployment and proper application.
  • Ensuring that Girlguiding Clwyd’s governance is of the highest possible standard.

Members of the Executive Committee should:

  • Question intelligently
  • Debate constructively
  • Challenge rigorously
  • Decide dispassionately

Executive Committee papers:

There are two categories of Agenda Paper. Those that are Private and Confidential they should be marked as such and may be identified by the use of Gold paper. The contents of these private/confidential papers should not be copied or discussed outside the meeting. Once the agenda item is completed, the Committee may decide to release the information.

Every effort will be made to circulate the minutes within two weeks of the meeting. Please check as soon as you receive them, for any action required and submit any amendments to the County Commissioner as soon as possible, so they may be included on the agenda for the next meeting.

Further guidance on Governance and the Role of the Trustee can be obtained from the following publications:

          Good Governance – A code for the Voluntary and Community Sector
          The Essential Trustee

Both publications are available from the Charity Commission


3. Minutes from last meeting – Approved by those present
4. Matters arising –
  1. Flint & Denbigh Show members Rebecca Ode’s daughters Rachel and Katie from Anglesey ran the stand for Girlguiding Clwyd. After Alice had set up. Discussion took place around us being a county with over 700 adult volunteers yet we couldn’t find two or three willing to run the PR stand at the show. Perhaps it is time to call it a day? Should we continue to have a stand there? Would we be better being more visual e.g. giving out leaflets? Beth proposed that we don’t have our trailer there next year & we offer our services instead. Jane seconded this proposal. Jane proposed a Service badge for attendance at events of this nature. All in agreement.
  2. Div coms contact info re-mentors. Ruth has this information thank you.
  3. Annual Review 2016 – West Flintshire – Tuesday 10th or 17th May – TBC
5. Treasurers Report (Meg) –
  1. Annual Subscription/census discussed for 2016. UK has risen by 30p to £11.60, Wales by 50p to £13.50, Clwyd was £8.20 last year, following a brief discussion it was decided to put Clwyd up by 20p making a Total Census Payment for members of £33.50. It was also noted that numbers conspicuously reduce on GO prior during February and rise again in March! Can Commissioners please remind unit leaders that all girls should be on GO following their 2nd meeting.
  2. Missing Bank Accounts – 11 units needing to send their Bank details and names of signatories to Megan for safe-keeping please.
  3. Jo Harris funeral money following discussion is to be ring fenced for Corwen guides should the unit re-open.
6. Outdoor (Jane) –

A successful cookout was held during September, entrants from 3 sections rainbows, brownies & guides entered.

  1. Flyers to follow re-camp blanket, senior section & cookout for May 2016
  2. Walking weekend level one to be held. May weekend – walking qualifications are needed within county. Guidelines to follow.
  3. Events planned – County camp 30th Jul – 5th Aug 2016 – Flyer to follow
  4. REN forms – Rolling system to evaluate venues to be commenced
    DC needs to be checking qualifications on REN forms and ensuring DBS is in date for when the event will take place. Individuals requiring rechecks as part of the rolling scheme have a two month period to arrange to meet with a local ID verifier for check to be completed. After which time they will show as Pending on GO and will not be able to attend Residential events.
  5. International Applications for 2017 – not sure if forms are out yet.
    Jane will check with Bev.
  6. Senior Section Centenary – Alison Roberts is looking at which are preferred events from the survey
  7. QG – We now have 12 registered as working towards this award in Clwyd? Please contact Jacqueline if information is needed.
  8. DoE – We are looking for volunteers with appropriate qualifications (mainly walking qualifications) to help with this. Can anyone with appropriate qualifications and willing to help please contact Jacqueline.
  9. Brownie – Gemma has come to the end of her term as Brownie Adviser. Isabel will be writing to thank her.
  10. Rainbow – bookings starting to arrive for Bromfield Rainbows 25th Birthday Celebration. Help on for the afternoon would be appreciated if anyone is available please. – 25th October at Wrexham Memorial Hall.
7. Ty-Clwyd (Mary/Hazel) –
  1. Fire alarm upgrade – Friends of Ty-Clwyd have agreed to pay for this.
  2. New external dorm doors have been fitted.
  3. A lot of work has been done to repair the Campfire circle.
  4. A Sweet chestnut tree in memory of Fred is to be planted in November by the campfire circle.
  5. A new box to provide Electrics for camp/marquee is being installed.
  6. Still problems with campers putting inappropriate items down the toilets i.e. baby wipes. These are causing the sewerage pump to block and then associated costs to fix. Notices are going to be put in the toilet areas requesting that wipes etc are placed in the bins.
8. Adult support & Training (Hazel) report tabled
  1. County Training day on 24th October in Denbigh
  2. 2016 – County Training day on 12th March in Gwersyllt
  3. Broneirion weekend of October – awaiting confirmation
  4. Food Hygiene in Rhyl this Wednesday
9. PR – (Alice)
  1. Flint & Denbigh – please see above from items arising
  2. Glyndwr Freshers Fair – This was a first for Clwyd. Held on 24th September 3 Senior Section members offered to help with this. There was a steady flow throughout the day. Some enquiries for girls (parents doing courses), some girls had been in guiding previously and/still are some in Clwyd and surrounding Counties. Lots of cards etc given out – will have to see if any actually come though Join-Us. Also told those of Senior Section age we were planning events so advised them to find the Clwyd Senior Section FB page to keep in touch.
  3. Pull-up banners – email Alice. Plans to re-start PR meetings soon.
  4. Growing Guiding
    Meeting with Sian Harvey a rep from most divisions came
    Talked about waiting lists; moving girls to units where there are places, i.e.  Units have girls on waiting lists who they are unlikely to be able to offer a place before they are either too old for that section or within a term or two please move them on to other nearby units where there are places available. Especially if finding volunteers to open new units, holiday units…
  5. Join-Us those who had been on the system a long time are now clearing. Can unit leaders/commissioners please ensure the comments box is used.
    As on 11th October:

    • Assigned – 94 girls & 8 volunteers
    • Waiting response – 95 girls & 25 volunteers
    • On waiting List – 568 girls
    • Meeting arranged – 66 girls & 29 volunteers
    • Awaiting DBS clearance – 19 volunteers
10. Dyfodol-y-Ddraig (Anna)

Welcome to Anna our new rep for Clwyd on Dyfodol-y-Ddraig.
Another place available this term & then in March. Senior Section girls interested need to apply directly via Wales.
Hoping to be able to restart the Junior Council in Clwyd. Time will be set aside for  this to be discussed at County Camp next Summer

11. Trefoil – (Brenda)

Brenda read out the Trefoil report – which will be emailed out to follow

12. From CHQ –
13. Girlguiding Cymru
  1. Rugby (Ruth) held at Denbigh Rugby Club this was well supported by all sections and leaders from across the Clwyd attending. Thank you Ruth for co-ordinating Clwyd’s part of the Rugby Ball tour of Wales as it headed home to Cardiff.
  2. August 22nd National Photo Competition –
    Congratulations to Laura Crowe won 1st prize
  3. Grand Raffle – Win a Car – Raffle Tickets please try and sell as many of these as you can. Every unit in Wales was allocated 15 books. If you need more ask within your district or directly to Broneirion. Please make sure these are returned to The Girlguiding Office at Broneirion by the date shown on the stub. Earlier if you have books you can’t sell.
  4. Dec 4th – Winter Wonderland at Broneirion – Flyers are out
  5. WOW – 2016 17th-19th June at Buillt Wells. Flyer is out Bookings being taken from January 2016
  6. AGM & Presentation of Awards – See Girlguiding Cymru Website
  7. Felicity’s 5yr term of office ends on 24th October alongside her Viv Craig ends her term as Deputy Chief Commissioner for Wales. Leslie Mathews also ends her term as Deputy Chief Commissioner but becomes our new Chief Commissioner.
14. CC Report (Isabel)
  1. Appointments – none over the summer
  2. Correspondence & Visits
    GGC AGM with Meg, Hazel & Ann Ashworth
    Chris & Nicola attended Flintshire Council Awards night
  3. Feedback sheets
    Gwynt-y-Mor Fund – small grants mainly groups Denbighshire
  4. DBS re-checks
15. Division Feedback – Air & Share – Please see reports
  1. Berwyn (Alison/Denise)
  2. Colwyn (Serena)
    Ann Egan is taking a break. Serena as Ann’s Assistant is at present taking care of Colwyn Division.  Our thoughts are Lucy O’Hara
  3. North Denbighshire (Chris & Emily) – New DC for Prestatyn – letters
  4. South Denbighshire (Beth/Lynn)
  5. East Flintshire (Chris)
    – Georgia Langton representing Senior Section Council for UK
  6. Wrexham – (Barbara/Brenda)
    New unit opening this term: Rossett Rainbows
  7. West Flintshire – (Nicola)
16. O.B.
  1.  YL’s qualifications – standardization is being drawn up
  2. Peer Educators available for all topics in county & youth council
    Girls having grants from county to have to do some service
    Quiz from Friends
  3. Ty-Clwyd 123 club £10/year 2 prizes each month. There was a suggestion that application forms to join the 123 club should be re-circulated to help raise funds.
17. Date of next meeting: – 24th November