February 2015 County Exec Minutes

Clwyd Executive Minutes – 18th February 2015

Clwyd Executive Minutes Handouts & Flyers (Adult Support) (zip)

Clwyd Executive Minutes Handouts & Flyers (Adviser) (zip)

Clwyd Executive Minutes Handouts & Flyers (Division) (zip)

1. Welcome

Members of County exec
County Commissioner – Isabel Blore (IB)
Assistant County Commissioner – Ruth Davies (RD)
Assistant County Commissioner – Alison Williams (AW)
Division Commissioner for Berwyn – no rep apologies sent
Division Commissioner Colwyn – Ann Egan (AE) & Serena Boughen (SB)
Division rep for South Denbighshire & PR rep – Alice Lovegrove-Jones (ALJ)
Division Commissioner for North Denbighshire – Lynda Walmsley (LW)
Division Commissioner for East Flintshire – Chris Dwerryhouse (CD)
Division Commissioner for West Flintshire – Donna Jones (DJ)
Division Commissioner for Wrexham – Barbara Jones (BJ)
Treasurer – Megan Jones (MJ)
Adult Support Chair –Hazel Webb (HW)
Outdoor Activities Adviser – apologies sent
Trefoil – Brenda Trickett (BT)
Ty-Clwyd Chair – apologies sent
Dyfodol-y-Ddraig – Kathryn Lovatt (KL)

Invited Guests from County team
Sharon Jones – Holywell DC acting as Minute Secretary
DC/team member from West Flintshire –Nicola Barlow (NB)
DC/team member from Wrexham – Heather Owen (HO)

2. Apologies

Judith Standring, Alison Roberts, Kathryn Lovatt, Jane Bevan, Beryl Blackmore

3. Reflections

Betty Cocking who was a leader in Flint her daughters are all leaders within Clwyd: Alison, Paula, Jan & Kathryn. Betty Morris of Denbigh Trefoil, Dilys Stevens who was a leader in Yale District before her retirement Barbara’s Guide Leader. Norma Robinson  and she ran 1st Connah’s Quay brownies for a very long time in the 80’s and 90’s before moving up to Hawarden to help with Guiding there (Where she actually lived ) She was full of fun did some amazing craft work and adored her brownies . Beryl Edwards was Brown Owl at Hope she was Hazel’s Brown Owl and apparently mine too for the first term I was a brownie. Then of course Mary Turner whom we all knew as Fred. Helen Barham emailed me and I’d like to share her thoughts with you: I think God must be starting a unit in heaven and he’s taking our best.

We have had some good news in this last week Jenny Maxwell has had a baby daughter Zoe and yesterday Hazel has another grandchild a little (or not so little) grandson Joshua Stephen.

4. Minutes from last meeting held 18th November 2014 – One typo error noted! 5d
5. Matters arising
  1. Raising Dates – tabled
    Action – now to be sent to Christine Dwerryhouse
  2. Contact info for Celia Jenkins (CJ)
  3. LQ (Ruth Davies)
    Action – LW to ask CH to contact volunteers to arrange DBS checks (for Ty Clwyd volunteers) when convenient.
    Action – RD to update leaflets relating to LQ with new logo/branding for distribution
    Action – DivC to send lists with both email & home address of mentors/verifiers to RD
    Young reps for Committees:
    2/3 – Dyfodol on County exec – Ashleigh, Kathryn & Grace
    2 – QG’s on Ty-Clwyd Committee – Katie Dutta & Rhian Percival
    2 – LQ’s on Adult Support & Training Team
    2 – DoE on Outdoor Team – need names of girls working towards DoE with Guiding
  4. Emails addresses on GO – GG Cymru needing Peer Ed contact emails
    Action – DivC to check the Peer educators contact details (especially email addresses) on GO so that the girls (or their parents) receive information about training dates etc.
    First Aid units report – Action – DivC’s to update GO and to chase units for up to date information.
6. Treasurers Report (Meg) – report tabled
  1. Bank Accounts – still some units with outstanding bank details. New units need to be asked to send information. Any changes of bank accounts and/or signatories need to be sent to Meg too please. DC’s to obtain information and pass on.
  2. Reminder for Annual Subscription/census to be paid on time.
    Action: Div C to send out reminders.
 7. Outdoor (JB) – Reports tabled: DoE, QG, Peer Ed newsletter, International,
  1. International – application date; paperwork must be received before end of March.
  2. International Group Visits.
  3. County Rainbow Overnight, IB needs forms and preferred dates.
    Action: IB to send out reminders.
  4. Next Outdoor meeting – 2nd April
  5. Other events: ICE weekend planned in Chirk. Traditional Skills weekend planned.
    Action – IB to email cookout flyer to commissioners.
8. Ty-Clwyd (Judith) – Report tabled
  1. Dormitories: Beds have been moved to create space for wheelchair users. Leaders’ rooms have had new carpets fitted.
  2. Website
    Action –SP – For Ty-Clwyd Keyholders,Warden and Secretary to remain on the website and to delete any other contacts.
    Action – MJ to ask Carol if she’s aware of anyone locally who may be interested in being hired by out-going users to clean Ty-Clwyd.  
9. Adult support & Training (Hazel) report tabled & flyers
  1. Trainings
  2. Safe Space : Safe Space training is now mandatory for LQ’s. There will be a flyer with dates to follow. Discussions re: cost of printing Safe Space handouts as opposed to emailing them out to attendees.
     Action HW to look at providing risk assessment training
10. PR – report tabled
  1. Boxes
    Alice brought County PR box (supplied by GGCymru) to show. Similar contents to be supplied to each division in a PR box by County: i.e. Runner/tablecloth, collecting tin, balloons, PR materials. Discussion was held and it was agreed that all divisions would have the boxes and all boxes were to have the same starter material.
    Action – Division Commissioners (DivC) to pass this information to Division teams.
    Action – Alice (PR) to provide a list of necessary PR info needed in the box
  2. Tension Banners
    AJ went through the cost of hiring large items, a £25 deposit is needed. All discussed how GG Tension banner cost £90 but could be sourced for £70
  3. District Reps – It was agreed that 1 PR rep is needed per Division.
    Action Div C’s to nominate enthusiastic members prepared to attend PR meetings and events.
11. Growing Guiding (Laura) report tabled
  1. Join-Us (Wendy) report tabled
    Volunteers totals – from 75 to 59
    Assigned – 17 now 6
    Contacted – 14 now 15
    Meetings Arranged – 6 now 26
    Waiting checks – 38 now 12

    Assigned – 78 now 67
    (21 of those have been on assigned since 2014, only 27 within last 3 weeks)
    Contacted – 50 now 86
    Waiting to Join – 570 now 522
    Meetings Arranged – 74 now 119
  2. New Units – There is funding available for priority areas up to £2k Trefoil also mentioned that there are starter packs available for new units worth £40
12. Dyfodol-y-Ddraig (Ashleigh, Kathryn & Grace)- (report to follow)

Action – DivC to feedback reasons why girls didn’t apply to attend CSI weekend thoughts were that some girls had study deadlines to achieve.
Action – DivC to ask Senior Section to Like & Follow D-y-D on FB and Twitter.

13. BP & Guide (Beryl Blackmore) – (report to follow)
14. Trefoil – (Brenda) – Report tabled

Beryl Blackmore has achieved the Bronze Voyager award.
Denbigh & District Trefoil is now up and running.

15. From CHQ
16. Girlguiding Cymru
  1. NVYO Final Conference – invites have gone out to DyD, QG’s, Peer Ed’s & Georgia Langton has worked on Archives – Part of Grant Application stated delivered by Young Members
  2. Rugby Union ball travelling around Wales week prior to World Cup T&F group
  3. 9/10th May – Rugby coaching with Offsprays – Cross Sectional
  4. The 160 Peer Ed’s in Wales have trained 2,000 girls
  5. Pool of volunteers needed by Broneirion ie – All Wales Service Team – looking especially for SS girls
  6. Royal Welsh – Gwent providing girls – Volunteers needed for PR stand pref Welsh speaking – 20th July
  7. Hay on Wye stand at book Festival ?30th 8-10 volunteers needed – names to Lois. Staffing Children’s activity tent.
  8. Plane Pull (100m) – 1st March proceeds from sponsor forms split between Air Ambulance & GGC
  9. Fantastic news for GGC Judith Walters been awarded MBE in New Years honours for services to guiding!!
    We are all delighted and proud of her– she has done so much to support guiding in Ceridigion and as past county commissioner she made a valuable contribution to GGC.
  10. Next Awards meeting is end of March – nominations please
  11. World Book Day at Broneirion 2-6th March – Volunteers needed please
  12. August 22nd National Photo Competition at Broneirion 12-7pm 3 catorgies: Animals, Transport & Landscape. Voting slips for those visiting. Best 12 for a calendar.
  13. Grand Raffle – Win a Car
  14. Dec 14th – Winter Wonderland at Broneirion
  15. WOW – 2016 is 17th-19th June at Buillt Wells. Requests for staff will be going out soon. Questionnaire for girls re-activate
17. CC Report (Isabel)
  1. Appointments –
    1. County: Laura Crowe – Growing Guiding Champion
    2. Young Voices for Ty-Clwyd Committee – Rhian Percival & Katie Dutta
  2. Correspondence & Visits
    IB attended Hope District Carol Service, presenting Mrs M Hillman with VP badge
    IB been to Rhosllanerchug to present 30yr long service award, also DC badge for Emma Rushton (Ruabon District)
    IB & AW attended CCC
    AL, LC & IB attended PR & Growing Guiding Training last weekend.
  3. Annual Review – Venue & Date – TBC with South Denbighshire Division.
    Alice will chase with Beth Taylor
    Long Service Awards – lists for div coms to check
  4. Websites: Data Protection/email re-licenses. Copyrights on clip art – watch out you don’t use unintentionally
18. Division Feedback – Air & Share
  1. Berwyn (Alison/Denise) – (report to follow)
  2. Colwyn (Ann) – (report to follow)LQ file for Lucy O’Hara
  3. North Denbighshire (Lynda) report tabled
  4. South Denbighshire (Beth/Lynn) – (report to follow)
  5. East Flintshire (Chris) report tabled
  6. Wrexham – (Barbara/Brenda) report tabled
  7. West Flintshire – (Donna) report tabled
19. O.B.

Alison Williams made all present aware that there have been a lot of changes on Go for DBS checks. Commissioners need to be aware of change when inputting reference. Any queries then please refer them to Alison Williams: crosville@sky.com

20. Dates of next two exec meetings: –

Thursday 23rd April: – Venue TBC

County Exec and Planning Meeting –
Open to all Commissioners (Division & District), County and Division Advisers/Co-ordinators (Members of County Teams) incl PR reps. Friday 19th June 2015 at Ty-Clwyd.

With the opportunity for Commissioners to stay overnight for their Commissioner Workshop/Training the following Day.