Guiders Friendship Kit

Rubber Band To remind you of hugging – everyone needs one several times a day.

Tissue To remind you to dry someone else’s tears or perhaps your own so you can see the tears of others and remember to leave the feeling behind them.

Button To remind you to button your lips to keep from saying mean things or talking where not appropriate.

Toothpick To remind you to pick out the good qualities of everyone, including yourself.

Band-aid To remind you of healing hurt feelings, either yours or someone else’s.

Chocolate To remind you to give of yourself, to remember to treat yourself too.

Eraser To remind you that everyone makes mistakes and this is alright.

Gold thread To remind you that friendship is the thread that binds hearts together.

Mint To remind you that you are worth a mint.

Star To remind you that the young people in your care are stars and you are a star to them.