GO! New Adult Volunteer


New Adult Volunteers – What do I do now?

With the launch of the way in which we process new adult volunteers is different. We no longer complete AAF forms and send them to Margaret Hillman. So what do we do?

  1. DC or designated person in the district meets with the new adult volunteer.
  2. An online CRB is completed. (process which has been up and running in the county for the last year.)
  3. The DC or designated person must inform Jenny Maxwell ( County Mentor Co-ordinator) once CRB clearance is through if the new volunteer wants to do their Adult Leadership Qualification.
  4. The DC or designated person enters the new volunteers details onto GO!
      • The DC or designated person logs onto GO!
      • Click on Role Management.
      • Choose the unit that the person will be linked with.
      • Choose what role the person will be taking e.g. Unit Helper, Occasional Helper, Key User, Leader in Training etc.
      • Complete a search to ensure the volunteers details are not on GO!
      • If the search finds no details start entering the details.
      • Once this is completed you will be taken to the persons personal details page.

Entering Referee Details

  1. Go to the address section on the personal details page of the new volunteer
  2. Press add
  3. Enter the details you have for Referee 1
  4. In address type choose the Referee 1 option
  5. Complete the process again for Referee 2
  6. Now fo to telephone section and Email section.
  7. Press add and complete the process as for address adding Referee 1 and Referee 2 details
  8. CHQ will now contact the referees and obtain the references for the new volunteer.

How will I know when the references have cleared?

  1. The DC or designated person that entered the new volunteer details onto GO! will need to check for the references having being cleared.
      • Log onto GO!
      • Go into role management
      • Choose the unit where the new volunteer details were linked too
      • Go into ‘View active Unit Team’
      • You should see the person listed that you entered.
      • Under role status if you see ‘Active’ the reference have cleared, if you see ‘Active Pending’ CHQ is still waiting for references to be returned.
      • You can view which references are outstanding by clicking on edit next to the new volunteer and scrolling down to address.
      • There you will see either referee 1 details, referee 2 details or both.
      • Whichever you can still see this is what is outstanding.
      • This may be the opportunity for you to contact the new volunteer to inform them that some of their references have not been returned and they may wish to contact their referees to encourage them to send them back.
  2. Once you can see ‘Active’ in the status column you need to contact Jenny Maxwell (County Mentor Co-ordinator) if the person wants to do their Adult Leadership Qualification.
  3. Once JKenny has conformation that CRB clearance and References have been ovtained of they are wanting to be a leader they will be allocated a mentor to start on the Adult Leadership Scheme.

Any quereies with the above contact Karen Evans (County Go Co-ordinator)

You can download the above instructions in an easy to read PDF file below.

Download Here